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Yes, It Is Possible To Eliminate Graffiti Permanently

Graffiti has been a part of our society since the beginning of time. From our earliest forefathers, we have left our marks, our tags.

Although an ancient art form, its most modern version, Graffiti, is actually a relatively young form of expression that started to appear throughout New York in the 60’s and 70’s and quickly spread in urban inner cities across America and the world.

Graffiti quickly grew into a major maintenance issue for public and private businesses. As more attention was paid to the abatement and removal of graffiti, private enterprise grabbed hold and created a number of services and products geared towards removal and permanent solutions to prevent and deter the act of graffiti, commonly viewed as blithe.

Graffiti Abatement

What is Graffiti Abatement? You may have heard this term thrown about and not been quite sure what it is and how it might affect you. Well, graffiti abatement is actually the combined efforts of communities and their local governments in the form of Police, Public Works, Parks and Recreation Departments, Down Town Associations, Local Chambers of Commerce, Community Outreach and others working in conjunction with one another as well as companies that offer Site Services and Parking Lot Sweeping in order to remove the current graffiti and eliminate repeat offenses and eliminate graffiti permanently.

How is Graffiti Removed

There are several approaches, all of which have efficiencies and with new breakthroughs in the cleaning industry, there could well be more over the next couple of years. The basic approaches are:

You can do a Paint Out

One method is to simply paint over the graffiti. On the upside, it’s quick, easy and inexpensive, and I believe that in the short run it can work well. On the downside, over a period of time the paint can fade leaving traces of what’s underneath bleeding through and if you have to use multiple coats of paint to handle multiple graffiti offenses, then it will peel and look unattractive and you wind up needing an additional solution, which adds to your cost.

You can use Chemical Removers

This method will actually remove the graffiti, however, if it is not properly applied, you can wind up with a damaged surface. Also, some people have chemical sensitivities as well as environmental concerns and may not want to be exposed to the traditional chemical cleaners.

You now have the Option of Environmentally Sustainable Graffiti Removers

With the advent of environmentally sustainable graffiti removers, we have a new and very viable option that many people are turning to. People and animal friendly, as well as workable for the environment, these graffiti removers are as effective as the chemical substances in fully removing the graffiti yet lack the potential to damage your surfaces or your health.

Now we can Stop Graffiti from Coming Back

The best news of all, when it comes to eliminating graffiti completely is in the form of breakthrough cutting-edge anti-graffiti coatings.

There are now patented graffiti-proof coatings that protect your building, garage or any other structure by repelling all substances that try to stick. Whether it’s paint, or other coatings, stickers or adhesives once your structure has been coated, graffiti can be removed with a dry cloth or light pressure washing.

Key Points to Know About Graffiti Removal and Abatement

1. Graffiti needs to be removed within 24 hours – so don’t wait.

2. There are environmentally safe, consumer friendly graffiti removal products that are extremely effective. Look for a Site Services or Parking Lot Sweeping company that can offer them.

3. Protect your structure by following-up with graffiti-proofer coatings.

4. If you go the Paint Over route, look for a company who excels in color matching to the existing paint and uses higher quality paint products.
Here’s to a graffiti-free and more beautiful world!