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All-In-One Parking Lot Sweeping In Woodland With Over 60 Years Experience

Universal Site Services offers a superior parking lot sweeping in Woodland. While some companies mainly use trucks to dust off your parking lot, our teams are trained and certified to provide a better clean and service. When our team arrives at a lot for a job, they survey the property for signs of damage or wear. Our trucks do not just push the dirt, but fully clean and remove it.

They also consider the causes of excessive debris build-up and work to put systems in place to prevent future debris. This bigger picture approach makes Universal Site Services the best choice for parking lot sweeping in Woodland.

Dependable Teams That Work Within Your Schedule

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and dedication to customer service. Our customers appreciate our willingness to work within their schedules. We understand that not every parking lot is structured the same.

Most parking lots are host to customer vehicles while they conduct business with you. It can be frustrating for both business owners and customers to have to circumnavigate around parking lot sweeping trucks and tools.

When you book with Universal Site Services, we can find the schedule that works best for you and your customers. This could be early morning parking lot sweeping before anyone arrives, or end of day clean-up once everyone leaves.

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We Are Not Limited To Just Parking Lot Sweeping In Woodland

Although customers all over rave about our parking lot sweeping, we do not limit our services to just one thing. We like to think of ourselves as your one-stop-shop for anything involving your building exterior, and even parts of the interior as well. Additional services from our teams include:

– Landscaping
– Property Maintenance
– Graffiti Removal
– Special Event Clean-Up
– Pressure Washing
– Day Porters
– Disinfection
– And more!

You do not need to worry about hiring multiple companies to take care of your building exterior when you can count on Universal Site Services. When it comes to running your property or business, you are always busy. You should focus on your day to day operations and leave the rest to us. We offer easy and all in one service with one invoice.

Environmentally-Friendly Parking Lot Sweeping In Woodland

Woodland Parking Lot Sweeping

Some have an aversion to professional-grade parking lot sweeping because they worry about corporate carelessness. They figure it is more environmentally sound to have one or two of your employees take the time out of their day to handle basic clean-up rather than having a big truck drive around their lot causing disruption and pollution.

With Universal Site Services, we stay up to date on the latest technology and practices that not only deliver excellent results but also do no harm the environment. The trucks we use for parking lot sweeping in Woodland are designed to not push harmful debris into the air for people to breathe in. Or to end up in the local water supply

Furthermore, any detergents or cleaners we use are only environmentally friendly. We take care of nearby plant life and will never carelessly harm foliage or landscaping in your parking lot.

Professional Day Porters On Standby To Work For You

Day Porter Sweeper PatioDay porters are a great investment to keep your property looking perfect. Our uniformed and friendly day porters can work within your schedule, just like our parking lot sweepers.

You can arrange for a day porter to be on standby during business hours to address concerns as they arise, or before business hours to start the day off fresh. Day porter responsibilities include anything that can help your business run smoothly including, but not limited to:

– Litter Removal
– Restroom Maintenance
– Spill Clean-Up
– Trash Receptacle Maintenance
– Cobweb Abatement
– Window Washing
– Dusting Mullions
– Dumpster Maintenance
– Painting

We instill our values into all of our day porters, so you can expect excellent service and a friendly smile. Your customers will assume that our day porters are one of your employees because they will seamlessly blend in with your team.

Beautiful Landscaping On Top Off Parking Lot Sweeping In Woodland

Whether you just want help maintaining your existing landscaping or want to completely rebrand your outside exterior, Universal Site Services has you covered on more than just your lot. Our customers love the fact that we go beyond just parking lot sweeping in Woodland and consider the entire presentation of your building.

The fact of the matter is that if you want people to leave their cars in your parking lot and walk into your building, they need to feel welcome. You can have all the charm and charisma in the world, but that first impression is going to be based on the look of your building. Make it inviting and comfortable with landscaping services by Universal Site Services.

When you consult our team about landscaping, we take the time to discuss your vision and needs. Then, we help you find a design that meets your expectations and fits within your budget.

Whether you want to design a drought-resistant landscape or create a wonderland of blooming flowers, our experts can help. We do not consider our job over once the design is done. Landscaping maintenance is just another one of our areas of expertise.

Just like with our parking lot sweeping in Woodland, we consider the bigger picture. Landscaping maintenance like watering, pruning, and weeding can be incorporated into your daily services.

Regular Service Can Prevent Potholes And Cracks


Pavement can easily become damaged just from wear and tear. When you consider dirt and debris on top of the day to day use, potholes and cracks are going to occur. This is especially problematic for a business owner because this can bring about destructive safety hazards.

A small crack and very quickly turn into an expensive and disastrous problem. This is why regular parking lot sweeping in Woodland is crucial. It is proven to help maintain the life and quality of your pavement. When the dirt and debris are handled quickly and properly, your pavement will hold up longer over time.

Not only does this help make your property more inviting, but it will save you time and money in the long run.

Excellent For Any Sized Or Type Of Lot

Freshly cleaned empty parking lotUniversal Site Services has been proudly serving business owners and property managers for decades. Our customer base includes small mom and pop shops with a few parking spaces to large scale arenas and amusement parks with thousands of spaces.

This varied experience helps us create the best service no matter the customer or lot size. Each job is handled with the same amount of care and attention to detail. We understand the trust that our customers put into our work, and we promise to exceed your expectations.

To get started, all you need to do is call (800) 647-9337 to request a free, no-obligation quote. Let Universal Sites Services start helping you today.

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