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Choose professional and trusted parking lot sweeping in Woodland Hills to protect your property value, business reputation, and more. At Universal Site Services, every member of our team takes pride in their work, with superior customer service and attention to detail. We provide custom cleaning plans to keep your parking lot safe, clean, and inviting to all of your visitors.

Our parking lot sweeping in Woodland Hills plans are set up to ensure your location is looking the best it can at all times. With little to no interruptions to your employees, tenants, customers, or visitors. We have over six decades of experience offering the most comprehensive cleaning and upkeep services around.

When you work with us, you won’t have to go anywhere else for any outdoor maintenance task you have. From commercial landscaping to day porter services, we offer everything you need to have a sanitary and appealing property. Discover our services and why you should choose us for parking lot sweeping in Woodland Hills below. 


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Environmentally Friendly Parking Lot Maintenance

Customers and tenants get their first impression of your property in your parking lot. If it is full of potholes, trash and spills, that can undermine their impression of your business and discourage them from coming back.

If you want to be the best-looking property in the area, proper parking lot sweeping and maintenance is where you should start. 

Also, choosing environmentally-sound parking lot sweeping is another great way to boost perception of your business as a responsible, green, and ethical company.

We offer quality sweeping equipment and supplies that will minimize your impact on the environment–feel free to brag about it to your customers.

Here is how we’re green:

  • We have state of the art equipment that makes a lower impact on the environment at every step, from fuel-efficient engines to non-pollutant vacuum sweepers. 
  • Smart sweeping techniques will prevent toxic pollutants from being carried into the water system by storm run-off. 
  • Our sweepers have regenerative air systems that keep certain debris and pollutants from re-entering the environment through the exhaust system. 
  • When there is less litter in a space, people are less likely to add their own trash, which helps keep your property cleaner and greener overall. 
  • When your property is cleaner, it is less likely to appeal to disease-carrying animals such as rodents. 

We don’t just sweep retail parking lots. We also do parking garages, industrial and retail sites, large residential parking lots and more.

We don’t just operate in Woodland Hills, but throughout the western United States. So, if you have multiple properties and other locations, we’ll work with you to clean them all.

It’s much more convenient to work with one company for these services, and we always seek to be the most convenient and reliable option available.

Spruce Up Your Property’s Look With Commercial Landscaping in Woodland Hills

Poway landscaping pathway

Speaking of green, does your landscape need a bit more of it? You can get a great lawn or appealing garden space that is also low maintenance and drought resistant.

We handle everything from designing your landscape to installing and maintaining it. 

Our commercial landscaping services include:

  • New landscaping and hardscaping installation
  • Plant selection 
  • Soil analysis and preparation 
  • Staking & guy-wiring  
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance  
  • Irrigation smart controllers 
  • Ground covers and drainage
  • Turf renovations 
  • Hydro seedings 
  • Flower bed maintenance 
  • Trimming and pruning 
  • Removal of dead trees and shrubs 
  • Weed control and removal 
  • Seasonal and perennial color changing 

A new and refreshing greenspace will help your business make a better impression on your customers and the public at large. They can also help increase and maintain your property value.

We’ve installed and maintained green spaces for industrial sites, property management companies, retail properties including shopping centers, residential developers, apartment communities and municipalities.

Professional On Site Day Porter Services

We’ve also been offering day porter services for a long time, longer than most companies on the west coast. Over the years, we’ve kept our focus on efficient, reliable employees that come to work energized to clean your property. The result is a cleaner property for you, from people who take pride in offering these services. 

In addition, we’ve found that our clients place great value on having a wide range of flexible day porter services. Every property and business is different. You likely have unique cleaning needs and you also likely want to work with a company that will clean everything, for convenience and to save time.

You don’t want your staff to have to make up for a gap in day porter services, and you don’t have to worry about that when you work with us. 

Here are the day porter services that we offer, depending on your unique property and if you need them:

  • Litter removal 
  • Bathroom maintenance 
  • Cleaning and handpicking 
  • Disinfection 
  • Spill clean up 
  • Change and reline trash cans
  • Trash can maintenance and wipe down
  • Dumpster maintenance and clean up 
  • Window washing 
  • Cobweb clean up 
  • Graffiti clean up 
  • Dustin mullions 
  • Newspaper stand cleaning 
  • Telephone booth cleaning 
  • Painting 
  • Reports 

You can get our day porter services on a one-time basis, or as often as you need them. Once a day, once a week, or month, all work for us.

What’s important is what kind of schedule will work for you to make sure that your property is as clean as your customer expects it to be.

Universal Site Services parking lot sweeping in Woodland Hills truck

Why Choose Universal Site Services?

Universal Site Services is one of the oldest, largest and more reliable sweeping companies in the business. When you choose us, you get reliable service that always pays close attention to the details of your property and doesn’t make excuses. We may be old and reliable, but we also have invested in some of the most cutting-edge sweeping technology and other property maintenance technology, to ensure that we are offering the most efficient and environmentally-sound services that we can. 

Since 1958 Above and Beyond

You’ll also get access to our 24-hour service for emergency clean-ups. If something has made a mess on your property and you need it cleaned up now, call us. For our regularly scheduled cleaning services, we also schedule our sweeping for a time that is least intrusive to you, your customers, your tenants, and anyone else who uses your property. We are always focused on meeting your unique needs. 

If you need parking lot sweeping in Woodland Hills, reach out to us today.