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What Is A Day Porter And Why Do You Need Them?

Commercial properties see a lot of wear and tear on their grounds on a daily basis.  Because of this these properties tend to need regular cleaning and maintenance.  A day porter service provider can handle all of this for your company. Without proper and consistent cleaning, repair, and upkeep the building will soon be a gathering place for dirt, grime, trash, peeling paint, cobwebs, streaked windows, and filthy restrooms.  This is not an ideal situation for anyone who is coming to your location.  Whether that is a customer, partner, employee, or just a visitor.  It can give them a bad impression of you and your property.  A day porter ensures everyone has a safe, clean, and good experience on your property’s common areas. A lack of cleanliness and basic minor repair can lead to much bigger problems and a reduction in property value. In order to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of a building, find yourself a good day porter service.  Day porters are a great fit for a variety of business and commercial properties like malls, stores, hotels, offices, and other public buildings. Day porters are used to working in busy, high traffic areas, and are thoroughly trained on all sorts of cleaning and trash removal protocols, as well as minor repairs and painting for general upkeep.

Where Can You Find A Day Porter?

USS worker providing day porter service at a commercial locationSince a Day Porter is there at your location taking care of everything it is important that you select the right day porter to fit your business.  You’ll want someone that is courteous, on time, and reliable.  Since they will also be on-site when others are around you will also want someone presentable.  Universal Site Services is the leading day porter service provider in the western United States. We’ve been able to grow to that level with our dedication to making your property, our priority.  If you are in California and in need of a day porter then please contact us. If you live outside of California here are some things to consider in your search for the perfect day porter.
  • Do they fit all of your needs?  Many just provide services they want that might not cover everything you need.  Make sure you consult with any candidates early to see if they cover everything you’ll need.
  • Ask for referrals and recommendations from other similar size properties in your area.  If the lot and grounds are clean and inviting it’s best to see who is handling that location.
A Day Porter can mean something different depending on who you ask but the services usually include:
  • cleaning, hand cleaning trash, and litter, disinfecting areas when needed
  • litter cleanup from the daily use
  • restroom cleaning and maintenance
  • on-site spill clean up as needed
  • cleaning of windows and exterior washing
  • complete trash can and bin cleaning and service
  • painting walls and other areas of the exterior and lot as well as some interior sections
Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of public facilities are provided by a day porter service.  Sometimes toxic and hazardous items might not be included in the service.  You’ll want to check with your provider if your location experiences the need for the removal of such items.

Day Porter Checklist To Get The Most Out Of Your Service

USS day porter cleaning a box office ticket windowWhile Universal Site Services, day porters and all-inclusive and can handle anything your job, location, or task need not all providers are up to such standards with their day porters. All day porters no matter where they are from should:
  • be fully trained in current cleaning techniques and trends for your entire location
  • fully understand how to sanitize and deep clean
  • be able to balance providing a clean, safe, and fast level of service without disrupting the day to day operations of the location
  • have current and updated cleaning equipment, gear, and supplies
  • be able to provide the same level of service with eco-friendly cleaners when needed
  • have an eye for general maintenance upkeep. To stay ahead of having to replace items around the property before they break.
  • be bonded, insured, and licensed
  • should guarantee their work
These are just some of the factors you need to consider before hiring a day porter provider.

What’s The Difference Between A Day Porter And A Janitor?

In short, they are very similar in job tasks, duties, and requirements.  However, a janitor typically has to clean and maintain a full building.  Both the interior and exterior of the entire property including offices and private areas.  A day porter is responsible for the cleaning of mostly the exterior and common areas which can overlap with some parts of the interior. However, they normally do not cover the entire inside of the building. Creative Commons Attribution:  Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Universal Site Services and a clickable link back to this page.