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Vacuum Sweepers Defeat Environmental Enemy #1 Storm Water Runoff

One of the biggest environmental issues troubling municipalities today is storm water runoff, and the regular use of vacuum sweepers can help mitigate this concern. Roughly 55% of rainfall from parking lot surfaces in most urban areas is contaminated with toxic pollutants and hazardous debris and it should be removed at source. Parking lot run off will find its way into the urban storm water collection systems that eventually flush the water into watersheds. If the polluted runoff is not removed or filtered, it poses serious environmental and health concerns. The parking lot sweeping industry armed with powerful vacuum sweepers and efficient methods can help contain this problem.

Parking Lot Sweeping Provides A Solution for Storm Water Runoff

Technologically advanced parking lot sweepers, especially those equipped with regenerative air systems that are specifically designed to collect even the finest particles, are very useful. Regular and thorough parking lot sweeping and street cleaning in urban areas offers the most potential for limiting water pollution from storm water runoff. As well, some municipalities and various companies are now installing permeable pavement in parking lots and in some side streets. The porous surface of this pavement allows water to be absorbed and seep through to the ground below, which acts as a natural filter for any water that makes its way to the storm sewers and watersheds. These pavements also need thorough cleaning so that the porous material doesn’t become clogged with debris and fine particles and no longer function as filters.

Environmental Responsibilities To Be Taken Seriously

For any commercial property owner and for the municipality itself, the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of parking lots and streets goes beyond mere aesthetics. It is important to address the serious environmental responsibilities to the community in which the property is located. Among the basic guidelines to help reduce storm water runoff and prevent pollutants from entering our ecosystems, the National Education for Municipal Officials make these suggestions: • Use penetrable pavement surfaces where possible – that is, pavement constructed of asphalt and concrete made with coarse particles rather than fine sand, or pavement constructed with crumbled, treated, tire rubber. • Arrange for the regular cleanup of roads and parking lots. Regular parking lot sweeping removes not only the usual discarded garbage and debris but also tiny pollutants as small as 2.5 microns. These microscopic size pollutants are composed of rubber particulates, oil, engine soot, and other hazardous chemicals.

Why Choose an Established Parking Lot Sweeping Company?

When it comes to choosing your parking lot sweeping provider, keep in mind that no two companies are the same. It is generally best to choose one with an excellent reputation, expertise, and resources so that you have a provider who is fully equipped with the most advanced tools to deliver the job expertly and seamlessly instead of counting on a startup sweeping company that doesn’t have established processes in place. Reputable contractors today have the latest sweeping equipment that offers high quality performance and maximum operating effectiveness. In fact, the latest models of vacuum sweepers come with LCD display screens and accurate vacuum adjustments for increased precision and efficiency. Without a doubt, the choice of a parking lot sweeping service contractor is a crucial one. Hire a reputable sweeping business to prevent contaminated, storm water runoff from polluting our environment. Your customers and the community, too, will be impressed. Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Universal Site Services and a clickable link back to this page.