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Why Use a Parking Lot Sweeping Service

What does your parking lot look like right now? Is it full of dirt and debris from the last month or is it clean as the day it was first poured? If it isn’t clean, why not hire a service to sweep it for you?

Typically, the answer we get is that it simply isn’t in the budget to hire a service to clean the lot. However, if you have a budget that includes parking lot repairs and re-striping, you’ve got a budget for sweeping. A sweeping service will help remove the dust, dirt, and debris that cause the parking lot to wear down. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs over the course of a few years.

Now, here’s the real reason for having a good parking lot sweeping service. You are liable for the actions of all of the people that come onto your property. If someone trips over debris in your lot and gets hurt your insurance is paying for that. Keep your liability and insurance premiums down by keeping your lot clean.

Do your customers see your lot before they enter your facility? If they do, that’s the first impression they have of your company. You probably would prefer the well cared for look of a swept lot to the look of a haphazard collection of junk lying around.

How about flat tires? Have your employees or customers gotten flats in your lot? A sweeping service will get rid of the sharp objects that can pierce a tire. You’ll avoid that conversation about the popped tire and save at least one customer.

Are you in an area where people routinely litter? There isn’t a whole lot you can do about this other than clean it up. Does it make more sense to have a full time employee to clean your lot or to hire a service that specializes in it. Let us answer that for you – you’ll save a lot of cash by hiring the professional service.

Why use a parking lot sweeping service? The better question is why not. A good sweeping service will give you great curb appeal, save you money on parking lot repairs and reduce the chances of incurring a lawsuit due to debris in your lot.