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Parking Lot Sweeping in Turlock

Professional Parking Lot Sweeping in Turlock You Can Trust For Your Property

You probably step into your parking lot every day, so you’re used to the way that it looks. But how does it look to customers, especially new customers? A cleaner lot will help your business feel safer, cleaner and more successful to your customers. People are more likely to think well of and enter the property of a business with well swept parking lots.

Plus, your property maintenance and environmental impact will overall lower. Discover why Universal Site Services parking lot sweeping in Turlock can help your business be more successful. And learn about the other professional exterior property maintenance services that we offer businesses in Turlock.

How Parking Lot Sweeping in Turlock Supports Business Growth

You don’t have unlimited money to spend on property upkeep services. You need to find the right service providers, that give you the most value.

Your business needs to clearly benefit from everything that you spend on, and parking lot sweeping might not, at first, seem like the best place to put your money. Here’s how Universal Site Services and proper parking lot sweeping in Turlock help support your business:

  • Faster, reliable clean: We spend special time on selecting our staff and ensuring they are happy with their work, in order to ensure they’ll provide you with the best service. We also equip them with high-end equipment that makes fast work of even complicated sweeping jobs. The result is that we can clean your lot more reliably and faster than the competition, or than your own staff could. You didn’t hire your staff for their cleaning skills (probably) so use ours instead.
  • Better health and safety: A dirty parking lot is one full of health and safety concerns. Maybe you have sharps or other dangerous debris. But even typical trash can create problems, like slip and fall concerns or nesting spots for insects and rodents. With proper parking lot sweeping, you’ll have a pristine lot that doesn’t present these health and safety risks.
  • Appearances: People who visit your location want to feel like you take cleanliness and health seriously. They want to feel comfortable on your property and prefer to do business with companies that want to make their experience comfortable. A parking lot sweep can go a long way in making your business appear cleaner, healthier, and more successful.
  • Green reputation: Speaking of business reputation, having a green brand identity is important to many businesses in Turlock. If you want to be thought of as an environmentally conscious brand, then using our services can help. We properly care for spills and debris on your property which might otherwise become environmental hazards.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Cutting costs without sacrificing quality is always good and parking lot sweeping will do that. When your lot has less debris and dirt, you actually lower how much you need to spend on other kinds of maintenance, like filling in potholes and power washing algae growth away.
  • Peace of mind: When you work with us for parking lot sweeping you know that the work will be done consistently, safely and properly.

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Complete On Site Day Porter Services in Turlock

What if your need for clean goes beyond a regular parking lot sweep? For events, festivals, the tourism season, or simply businesses that attract a lot of mess, we have day porter services. These are completely customizable, so that you’re never paying for a package with services that offer more, or less than you need.

Our cleaning professionals have a wide skill set and can safely tackle any property cleaning or maintenance tasks you have on the exterior of your building.

Here are some of the day porter services we offer that you can choose from:

  • Litter removal 
  • Bathroom maintenance 
  • Cleaning and handpicking 
  • Disinfection 
  • Spill clean up 
  • Change and reline trash cans
  • Trash can maintenance and wipe down
  • Dumpster maintenance and clean up 
  • Window washing 
  • Cobweb clean up 
  • Graffiti clean up 
  • Dustin mullions 
  • Newspaper stand cleaning 
  • Telephone booth cleaning 
  • Painting 
  • Reports

There are no time requirements for our services, we can adapt to the frequency that you need.

So, whether you need day porter services for the short term, for the long term, once per day or once per month, we can work with you. 

Our Other Property Maintenance Services


We have smart, professional teams that can offer all kinds of exterior maintenance services that you might not expect from a parking lot sweeping company.

Our services include:

  • Landscape design: We can design stunning landscapes for your business, whether you want something that might function as a park or just something to beautify your surroundings. 
  • Landscape installation: Trust our expert team to properly install new landscaping, or to add in new plants to your pre-existing gardens. 
  • Landscape maintenance: Watering, trimming fertilizing, and otherwise caring for your landscape is a big job that is better left to professionals than your own staff. 
  • Pressure washing: We have the equipment and training to safely clean your exterior surfaces, from stained concrete to dirty glass. 
  • Graffiti removal: If you find yourself needing some graffiti removal you also need prevention to keep it from happening again. We offer fast response and targeted techniques to discourage the culture of tagging and discourages artists from spending time painting your property. 
  • COVID-19 disinfection: You may need to disinfect surfaces to keep customers feeling safe on your property. We provide complete outdoor disinfection. 

We Also Provide Specialty Lot Service

If your property is going through a remodel or new construction your lot can become full of debris quick. We specialize in construction lot debris and will keep your lot free of issues and hazards.

Fairgrounds are full of fun, food, and unfortunately litter. This type of lot needs consistent sweeping in the off hours to make sure your attendees have a great time.

People love to spend all day at amusement parks, and no one is really a fan of the long walk back to the car. Take care of the side aside litter from tired patrons as soon as the park closes to keep the parking lot welcoming for tomorrow’s guests.

Sometimes a day of fun at the arena begins with a tailgate in the parking lot. Regular parking lot sweeping makes it so that you can keep up with fun and maintain a safe lot for everyone.

Debris and dirt seem to accumulate at a much faster rate in industrial lots. Rather than letting it sit, it is much more cost effective to have regular parking lot sweeping to get rid of the build-up before it gets to be too much.

When planning for a big event, like a banquet or wedding, sometimes we overlook the wear and tear that guests may bring to an area that is not used to welcoming a large number of guests. A good parking lot sweeping will ensure your property looks great before and after your event.

Homeowners associations help to create a sense of pride and community within a neighborhood. Maintain a welcoming community for all your members by keeping the streets clean all year round with regular parking lot sweeping.

If you have a type of lot not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly team is here to set you up with a custom site service solution.

Why Choose Us?

The Original Parking Lot Sweeping Company

We started out as a one-man operation, changed the parking lot sweeping industry forever, and are still a family-run business. We have the capacity to clean the largest lots, and a soft spot for small operations that just need a regular sweep of a little lot. We can provide any of our property maintenance services to retail stores, warehouses, industrial properties, large residential properties and other businesses. 

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We also service other areas including parking lot sweeping in Stockton, parking lot sweeping in Tracy, and parking lot sweeping in Manteca.