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High Standards In Parking Lot Maintenance Demonstrate Corporate Responsibility To The Community, Announces Universal Site Services.

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MILPITAS, CA — (Marketwire – February 12, 2012) – America’s love of cars and the ever-increasing acres of land needed for lots in which to park them means that ongoing maintenance practices are required to keep parking lots from inflicting environmental damage.If you are an owner or a manager of a parking lot, you are accountable for the degree to which the community is harmed by any negligence in your protection of the environment.

Poor construction, insufficient cleaning, and poor quality maintenance of parking lots spawn toxic pollutants that become health hazards as they contaminate the air and enter the water systems.  Trash, dirt, grit, oil, gas, and other dangerous liquids, as well as bacteria from disease-carrying rodents, microorganisms from rotting waste, and even the deterioration of the lot surface itself contributes to environmental destruction and threatens the health of the community.

“Parking lot owners and property managers are certainly becoming more aware of the need to minimize the contamination of water and air by regular sweeping and cleaning services,” said Gina Vella, President, Universal Site Services, “but it is also important that they recognize the need for maintenance of parking lot surfacesas another safeguard.”

The Asphalt Institute states in its paper on paving and surfacing that all parking lot pavements require maintenance no matter what material is used in construction. Traffic loads, the fluctuation of temperatures and moisture, as well as dirt, sand, grit, waste liquids, and debris will eventually damageany parking lot surface and cause it to deteriorate over time.

“Pavement defects are easy to repair and the trick is to do so before water escapes through cracks and holes in the surface. If water does make its way below the surface, it generates expensive repair work in the future,” Mrs. Vella cautions, “not to mention the degree to which the environment is damaged as polluted water seeps into the water system instead of being funneled into proper outlets.”

Regular inspections must be conducted to determine repair work needed as minor problems develop.  Fine cracking of pavement can be remedied by a light seal coat, but much more significant are the development of “pock marks” that indicate the beginning of serious erosion, interconnected cracks appearing over large areas, upheavals, pot holes, and depressions, which must be repaired quickly before more serious problems develop.

By ensuring that both parking lot maintenance and cleaning are held to a high standard, lot owners and managers demonstrate their interest in environmental protection and project the image of good corporate citizenship.In today’s competitive market, these are important components of a good business strategy and commendable social conduct.

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