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5 Tips On Hiring A Day Porter Company – Make the Best Choice

Instead of investing in an in-house parking lot sweeper and hiring staff to provide the sweeping service, it is more practical to hire a reliable parking lot sweeping company to provide regular cleaning and maintenance services. While these jobs may appear to be fairly straightforward, it is actually very important to keep a commercial property safe and clean for customers and tenants, and these kinds of service jobs are done best by professionals or third-party providers. Parking lot areas need to be kept completely clean in order to effectively decrease the risks of accidents as well as to promote and maintain a good business image. When it comes to contracting professional parking lot sweeping services, the best option available to business owners, especially for those who own and operate shopping malls and large commercial facilities, are professional sweepers who can provide all the cleaning services needed.

Hiring a Third-Party Contractor Is An Excellent Option

Professional sweepers are primarily responsible for performing regular and thorough parking lot sweeping as well as keeping the sidewalks clean. They may also provide other cleaning services when needed or as part of an ongoing service contract. The best parking lot sweeping equipment comes fully loaded with water tanks and sprayers that are powerful enough to loosen matter across the entire parking lot area, which is important in effectively reducing the amount of dust released into the air. Similar to the equipment used in street sweeping, a parking lot sweeper also has a mechanical or machine-driven broom that picks up dirt andgarbage, and vacuum sweepers that take care of dust, sand and grit. Parking lot sweepers are specifically designed to clean tiny cracks and crevices and ensure that automotive liquid waste and other toxic pollutants are prevented from contaminating sewer drains and flowing into public water supplies. Oil leaks, for example, require immediate attention as these are hazardous to health and can lead to water contamination. You can expect your professional sweeping company to respond to emergency spills when they occur.

Why Hire A Parking Lot Sweeping Contractor?

Quality Service

An experienced management team ensures that appropriate training is provided to the parking lot sweeping staff, and the performance of employees is closely monitored. The management team also sees that work is done in compliance with industry standards. Most sweeping and cleaning takes place at night or at a time that causes the least inconvenience to customers and tenants.

Proactive Reporting and Feedback

When unusual situations arise such as the discovery of illegal garbage dumping, the presence of graffiti, or burned out or malfunctioning lights, the parking lot sweeping staff will notify the property manager or owner, and a report will be made via telephone or by e-mail with photos included, depending on the client’s preference. This way, the client can quickly decide what response is needed. Arrangements can also be made for sweeping staff to call emergency personnel in some situations if desired.

Use of State-of-the-Art Equipment

Reliable and well-established contractors use the latest innovative equipment to deliver quality performance. Most parking lot sweepers are vacuum-based and have appropriate noise controls. Professional contractors are required to maintain all their sweeping equipment to conform to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.

Backup Solutions are in Place

With a reliable service contractor, backup sweepers are always ready for immediate use in case any of the front-line sweeping equipment breaks down. These backup machines also allow the company to respond quickly to emergency spills and accidents. Hiring a third-party parking lot sweeping contractor is a good decision that you won’t regret. Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Universal Site Services and a clickable link back to this page.