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Property Maintenance Can Increase Your Customer Base In Ways You May Not Suspect

Did you know that by using us for your property cleaning and maintenance, you could actually increase your customer base? It’s true. Why? Because we’ve got something the public wants so much, they’ll consider switching to you if you use us. What is this bit of magic? It is the social issue at the top of most everyone’s list today – environmental sustainability. AKA  ‘green,’ ‘non-toxic,’ ‘environmentally-friendly,’ and so on. According to a recent Nielsen survey, consumers around the world are more “socially conscious” than ever. And out of dozen-and-a-half popular social causes, the “green” movement – environmental sustainability – is way out in front. Two-thirds of the 28,000 consumers surveyed said they prefer to deal with companies that follow environmentally-friendly practices. Nearly as many said they prefer to work for such companies. And about the same number said they prefer to invest in such businesses. Also, nearly half of the 28,000 people Nielsen talked to said they would pay more for products and services from green companies than from others.

Top Notch Parking Lot Maintenance Is A Good Business Strategy

High Standards In Parking Lot Maintenance Demonstrate Corporate Responsibility To The Community, Announces Universal Site Services. Source:  Universal Site Services MILPITAS, CA -- (Marketwire – February 12, 2012) – America’s love of cars and the ever-increasing acres of land needed for lots in which to park them means that ongoing maintenance practices are required to keep parking lots from inflicting environmental damage.If you are an owner or a manager of a parking lot, you are accountable for the degree to which the community is harmed by any negligence in your protection of the environment. Poor construction, insufficient cleaning, and poor quality maintenance of parking lots spawn toxic pollutants that become health hazards as they contaminate the air and enter the water systems.  Trash, dirt, grit, oil, gas, and other dangerous liquids, as well as bacteria from disease-carrying rodents, microorganisms from rotting waste, and even the deterioration of the lot surface itself contributes to environmental destruction and threatens the health of the community.

Sweeping Company Credentials Provide Protection For Clients Whether hiring a sweeping company or a commercial cleaning service, or, for that matter, any contracted service, it pays to look for six basic credentials and legal safeguards that protect you, the client. We all aware that companies may claim...