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Special Event Parking Lot Sweeping Services For Any Type Of Parking Lot

At Universal Site Services we’ve been leaders in the industry for well over 50 years. Over time we’ve expanded and adjusted our services to be able to offer the most comprehensive lot cleaning services in the western US. From standard retail lots to industrial and specialty lots we handle it all with the same level of service and work we’ve done for the past 50 years.

If you have a specialty lot it’s important to partner with a company that is ready and able to handle every aspect of your lot from day one. Taking care of the needs of your lot, visitors, and customers are our top priority. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can set up a custom plan that takes care of your needs.

Lots We Serve

Industrial Parks Lot Sweeping

Industrial parks tend to have larger parking areas that are made of up of a number of connected lots. Our industrial parking lot sweepers make quick work of cleaning up any type of mess you may find in your lots. Giving your tenant’s employees a great parking lot experience.

Government And City Lots

We are fully equipped and specialize in any type of lot your local government or city utilizes. From pay lots to open use ones our sweepers will keep them clean and tidy for all who use them. Contact us to see how our services can benefit your city parking lots.

Factory Services

Most factories have parking lots for employees and guests which are important to keep clean and safe. Many times a lot can become dirty from litter, natural debris from weather, but also contaminants from the factory itself. Maintain a welcoming experience with factory parking lot sweeping from Universal Site Services. We offer a variety of cleaning options to best fit your location whether you are a first and second shift factory or a 24/7 production facility.


Fairgrounds typically have a variety of different parking lots from the pavement, gravel, and even dirt. With our years of experience, we can handle any and all type of lot your grounds have. We can do overnight cleanings before the fairs open in the morning, or do multiple rounds to ensure all fairgoers have a great time on your property. While keeping them and the environment safe from trash and debris.


Many homeowner’s associations have mixed-use community lots and the professionals at Universal Site Services are fully equipped to handle smaller residential lots and even day porter services of common use areas as needed.

Festival Lot Sweeping

Whether your festival is on a short or long term basis we can handle all of your festival lot sweeping needs. Our teams are fully equipped to take care of any type of lot regardless of size and how many people attend your festivals. Make sure your guests have a great experience with festival lot sweeping from Universal Site Services.

Warehouse Lot Sweeping

A clean lot can keep many unwanted four-legged pests from impacting your warehouse. As debris and trash build up over time in a parking lot, undesirables do become attracted to it. No warehouse wants a rodent or pest infestation to destroy any product that is being stored on location. Universal Site Services’ warehouse parking lot sweeping provides you with unmatched cleanliness in the lots we service. You have much to do to keep your warehouse going, let us take care of the parking lot.

Convention Center Lot Sweeping

Convention Centers aren’t at full capacity every day but when conventions are in town there is a lot of wear and tear involved in the use of their parking lots and garages. Our parking lot cleaning services adjust to your schedule. We can maintain your lots in the off days but increase the frequency of cleaning on busier convention days. Many attendees can be from out of town for most conventions and we can help you give those attendees a great experience with safe, clean, and inviting lots.

Vacant Properties Sweeping

If you have a large property that is currently vacant there are many benefits to keeping the lot clean of dirt and debris. If there is a buildup of debris from weather that can attract rodents and other critters. As well as potential vandals and loitering. We’ll provide custom cleanings to ensure the vacant lot is taken care of reducing the chance of unwanted guests by showing the area is being cared for.

Airport Facility Sweeping

Whether your airport is large or small they all have a deserved need for airport lot sweeping services. From parking lots, hanger lots, and even runways we will keep your entire facility clean and free of debris. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll create a custom airport lot cleaning plan for your that is right for all that frequent your facility.

Special Events Services

If you own or operate a lot that provides specialized service at a time throughout the year, our special event lot cleaning is just what you need. From large gatherings to simple affairs any event that could leave your lot in need of sweeping or cleaning we are more than ready and able to take care of it for you. Just give us a call and let us set up a custom plan for you.

Shipping Docks And Ports Sweeping

These days our ports are busier than ever with a variety of specialized equipment, workers, and vehicles using the area and dock parking lots on a daily basis. Due to the shipping dock parking lot’s proximity to bodies of water, it’s extremely important to keep the port parking lots clean of all dirt, grime, trash, and debris. When you utilize our team to clean your shipping dock parking lot, you can rest easy knowing your lot is in the hands of the industry’s best parking lot sweepers.

We Are Here For You When You Need Us – 24/7

If you have a lot type that is not listed above, just contact our team and we’ll put together a custom plan of action for your lot. No matter when and where you need us we are here for you. Contact us now to learn more.