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Decades Of Experience In Parking Lot Sweeping In Sparks, NV

Universal Site Services has not only provided parking lot sweeping for decades but we’ve helped to shape the industry into what it is today. We have been in business for over 60 years and are still a family-owned business focused solely on providing top of class service and treating our customers with the respect they deserve.

Parking Lot ServicesOur founder and Grandfather invented and designed what has become a modern lot sweeping truck. It is from that foundational commitment of being the best in the business that we have developed staying power not only to last this long but still thrive and lead this industry.

Below you’ll find information about how our services can benefit your property but also what makes us a better choice to provide all of your on-site cleaning services.

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Professional Parking Lot Sweeping In Sparks Can Really Make All The Difference

Whether your building and property are used by the general public, your own employees, or clients and customers, everyone benefits from a clean and safe parking lot. A regular and custom parking lot sweeping in Sparks plan will give you all of the benefits without the extra work or needless investment to do it yourself. 

There are many benefits to parking lot sweeping in Sparks including:

  • Litter Reduction
  • Debris Removal
  • Basic Upkeep and Repair
  • Painting
  • Pest Deterrent
  • Good First Impression

If a parking lot has some litter cluttering up spaces it ends up encouraging others to discard trash and other litter in the lot. Over time that can really add up and cause damage to both your lot and potentially to cars that attempt to navigate without running over any debris. Not to mention the kind of the first impression it can make to those visiting your property.

When you partner with us for your exterior lot cleaning needs, we will put together a custom plan of action that is best suited to your location. We strive to keep your parking lot and exterior clean with little to no impact on your business, customers, and employees.

No matter what time of day or night that is best for us to clean your location, we are there on time, every time to get the job done. In addition, we will also provide minor repairs and upkeep services to extend the life of your parking lot.
We can also keep an eye out for fading paint lines and cracks and potholes so you are aware of them and can have us fix them before they turn into larger costly repairs.

Full-Service Landscaping For Your Entire Property

One of the ways that we exceed your expectations and our competitors is by being a true one-stop-shop. At Universal Site Services your property is our priority and we really do mean all of it. We don’t just offer surface cleaning and janitorial services. We also offer complete landscaping services in Sparks that will make your location stand out and be an inviting place for those that you want to spend time at your location.

A good landscape should both look great, and serve a useful purpose. From helping to direct the flow of vehicle, or foot traffic to reducing erosion and pollution while also improving the aesthetics of your property and lot.

Our professional landscape teams will help create, implement, and maintain the perfect design to best match your Sparks, NV location. If you already know the design of plants, flowers, water features, trees, and other landscape then we will bring it to life in a reliable, safe, and affordable way to fit your budget and needs.

We also excel at putting together complete commercial landscape design plans if you don’t already know exactly what you are looking for.

If you already have landscape installed we can take over the upkeep and keep it looking trim and beautiful. With us, as your partner, you’ll have a go-to team of experts for every aspect of your property upkeep needs. No need to track down various providers for individual tasks ever again! You’ll have your own location manager contact who will take care of everything for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Keep Things Clean With Pressure Washing In Sparks

One part of on-site property upkeep that many overlook, is the exterior surfaces of the building, sidewalks, common areas, paths, and pavement. Over time grime, gunk, mold, moss, and more will build up. It is a slow process and one that is not easy to notice when you see your building every day. However, if you’ve ever seen before and after images or videos of a pressure washer in action you know just how they can restore a surface to look brand new like the day it was installed.

Our professional teams provide comprehensive pressure washing in Sparks. This is especially good to clean stuck-on mess or spills from sidewalks and walkways. As well as general routine cleaning to make sure your building looks the best that is can every day.

We offer this service on-demand as needed or we can set up a regular schedule of pressure washing in Sparks for any building and parking lot types. This service is a great compliment to our parking lot sweeping in Sparks offerings.

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Your property, our priority isn’t just our tagline. It’s our philosophy and something we strive to achieve day in and day out. To achieve this we go far beyond just offering the best in the business parking lot sweeping service, landscape, and pressure washing. We also have the area’s most reliable day porters.

If you need a more hands-on service to clean and maintain your location then look no further than to use for your day porter needs. They will provide general janitorial cleaning including sweeping, trash removal, mopping, sanitizing, and much more.

Contact us to learn more about this service and our other services. Over the years we’ve adjusted and developed our offerings to so much more than just parking lot sweeping in Sparks.

Let us prove to you just how valuable our services are. We can’t wait to go above and beyond for you just like we’ve been doing every day for the last sixty years.

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