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California’s Top Choice For Parking Lot Sweeping In Simi Valley With Over 60 Years Experience

Universal Site Services is the leading company for parking lot sweeping throughout California and the west coast. Our mission has been the same since we started in 1958: to provide excellent and reliable property maintenance. If you are looking for parking lot sweeping in Simi Valley, go with the company that does not just sweep the dirt around.

We got you covered when it comes to all of your parking lot and property maintenance needs. From cracked asphalt, replacing trash cans, and even landscaping, we have the tools to make sure your property is always looking its best. We pride ourselves on being one of the most flexible companies to fit your needs. It is our promise to always deliver the most exceptional services that exceed your expectations. As a family-owned company, we are focused on maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

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Equipped With State Of The Art Technology To Meet The Needs Of Your Property And The Environment

Along with our commitment to our customers, we always focus on the most environmentally friendly practices to keep your property looking beautiful. Our services can include 24 hours service, including emergency cleanups, for a variety of properties including parking lots, parking garages, retail sites, industrial areas, homeowner’s associations, and for special events.

When you need parking lot sweeping in Simi Valley from us, you can expect the latest technology and the best tools to clean your property with precision without damage to the environment or your landscaping. Dirt and oil from gas can accumulate over time. Toss that in with dust, sand, and dirt that the wind brings, and you can have a messy looking parking lot in just a matter of a few hours.

Once all that mess is in your lot, it’s only a matter of time before it gets tracked inside as well. We use state of the art equipment and non-pollutant vacuum sweepers to clean up the mess and debris. Some sweepers just push the dirt into the air or into the local water systems. Our techniques reduce the pollutants completely so the dirt does not reenter the environment.

The Benefits Of Parking Lot Sweeping In Simi Valley

While parking lot sweeping can help present a clean image of your property, the benefits are more than meets the eye. Dirt and litter if left for too long can invite all kinds of unwanted activity to your property. For one, it is often seen as a welcome party for disease-carrying rodents.

Additionally, a clean parking lot generally means that people are more aware of their surroundings before deciding to litter. When people see litter, they assume that it is acceptable for them to litter as well. If there is not a sign of litter, they are more inclined to dispose of litter properly rather than tossing it aside.

Regular parking lot sweeping in Simi Valley can also save you time as well as money. When a parking lot is regularly swept, it keeps the pavement clean and smooth. Our teams can recognize small imperfections that could turn into big problems later, such as pot holes. The best part of using Universal Site Services is that we stand by our work. All of our sweeping services are guaranteed, and you will never be left hanging in the dust with scheduling problems or inconsistent service.

You Only Get One First Impression With Your Customers

A customer’s first impression of your business plays a huge role in their decision to do business with you. Nowadays, people have researched businesses online before choosing to drive to the office or storefront. They might already have formed a first impression just from their research before deciding on you. The next thing they are going to see once they drive is the state of the parking lot.

A dirty parking lot filled with potholes and faded parking lines is not only an eyesore but may even deter potential customers. Customers need to walk into your store feeling excited, and not worrying about whether or not they should park their car in your parking lot. Universal Site Services has many options to fit your business to make sure that your customers feel confident about doing business with you. We also offer services that include graffiti abatement to clean and prevent future graffiti.

Furthermore, we can help with the little details that many might not think about. You might not have the time to worry about the landscaping maintenance around your property. Let us handle the outside so you can better focus on serving your customers inside.


A Safe Parking Lot Is Good Business

Because we want to support you and your business, we offer lots of services to meet your every need including day porters and pressure washing. Our friendly and uniformed day porters can support your business in so many ways.

They can handle the little things that may come up during the day such as spills or filled trash cans. Our teams are so observant that they will likely have the problem handled before you have even noticed it. Universal Site Services day porters are an excellent addition to parking lot sweeping in Simi Valley.

As amazing as our sweepers and vacuums are, a human can monitor potential problems much better than a state of the art machine. Day porters are also not limited to the outside and maintain the cleanliness of your entire office or store.Day Porter Cleaning in Simi Valley

Day porter services include:

  • Litter Removal
  • Disinfection
  • Restroom Maintenance
  • Trash Receptacle Maintenance
  • Cobweb Abatement
  • Dusting
  • Various cleaning
  • So much more!

More Than Parking Lot Sweeping – Full-Service Property Maintenance

With over 60 years of experience, Universal Site Services is California’s best choice for property maintenance. In addition to parking lot sweeping in Simi Valley, our services can include pressure washing and property maintenance.

A pressure washer is able to clean much more than just a surface sweeper. They help our teams with window washing, gutter clean outs, awnings, and parking garages. Pressure washer also assist in the clean up of mold and mildew, which can promote decay and safety hazards to your building.

We are not limited to just basic cleaning. Our additional property maintenance services include:

  • On-Site Welding
  • Minor Asphalt Repair and Maintenance
  • Sign Repair and Installation
  • Roof and Gutter Clean Out
  • Illegal Dumping Clean Out
  • Office Place Clean Outs
  • Concrete Repairs and Installation
  • Whatever You Need For Your Property


Not only do we stand by our work, but we pride ourselves on working with our customers as a team. We offer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can schedule services for when it is best for your property or business.

We Also Provide Industrial Sweeping In Simi Valley

Industrial Sweeping in Simi ValleyWhen it comes to parking lot sweeping in Simi Valley, we can handle lot of any size. Our customers include government buildings, shopping malls, retail centers, schools, stadiums, special event clean up, apartment complexes, and homeowner’s associations. If you are not in need of regular services, but need help with a big clean up, we still have your back. We can assist in industrial parks, construction sites, or after special events so you do not end up leaving any mess behind.

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Universal Site Services is the most dedicated property maintenance company for parking lot sweeping in Simi Valley. We have the experience and the knowledge to get the job done right the first time and help you save time and money.

We love working with other business owners to help them grow their business. Mostly, we just care about people and the environment. Call one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-800-647-9337 to discuss how Universal Site Services can support you today.