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Graffiti Removal Services You Can Depend On

Unfortunately, graffiti is a situation that leaves your property looking degraded and unsafe.  It is vital to get graffiti removed as quickly as possible.  By having an effective and timely graffiti removal and abatement program in place, your property can be maintained in the original condition minus the unsightly graffiti.

Abating Graffiti For Over 30 Years

Graffiti Removal in Stockton, CAWe’ve been abating Graffiti for over 30 years. The good news is that our graffiti removal services are very effective in both restoring your property and deterring graffiti vandals by removing their handy-work quickly in short order. We also have cutting-edge Anti-Graffiti coatings that make the clean-up work simple and easy.

  • Graffiti needs to be removed within 24 hours. As soon as you notice graffiti call us and we’ll remove it.
  • Our Graffiti Removal Line of products uses Migratory Technology to penetrate & chemically fracture the molecular bonds in paints, lacquers, enamels & markers, making removal environmentally safe and easy.

Environmentally Safe Graffiti Removal

Our hassle free services ensure your property is always looking its best for your clients, customers, tenants, investors and inspectors. Our professional staff and hands on managers ensure your site is getting the detailed attention it needs to ensure your properties stand out.

Graffiti Prevention & Abatement

USS’s Graffiti Prevention & Abatement Teams are trained to use best of class techniques and removal products. We provide surface analysis, consultation, demonstrations, testing and full warranted applications of Anti-Graffiti coatings.  We offer full product performance warranties and ongoing service and maintenance programs to fit all budgets.  We use cutting-edge technology to protect your property.

Using Technology To Defeat Graffiti

Anti-Graffiti Coatings are a significant technological development and is the most advanced anti-graffiti technology on the market today. Anti-Graffiti Coatings do not allow paint, graffiti, permanent marker, stickers, gum, road tar, cement and other markings or environmental contaminants to bond to the dry film. Once your building is coated, graffiti is simply washed away.

Graffiti Removal Services

  • We offer a complete anti-graffiti solutions – graffiti removal and graffiti abatement
  • Our abatement teams will color match to existing paint for paint over removals, or use our leading edge products to completely and safely remove all signs of the graffiti.
  • We use environmentally friendly chemicals to remove graffiti – Green Products.

The True Impact Of Graffiti

The true impact of graffiti goes way beyond ever-increasing allocations for graffiti removal and coatings. The ultimate impact of NOT removing graffiti completely and efficiently include:

  • Creates a negative financial, social and environmental impact.
  • Increases taxes to fund cleanup programs by towns, municipalities and building owners who must spend thousands of dollars to keep their property free of graffiti. Even in Sacramento, our capital city, graffiti budgets hover around a million dollars or more every year.
  • Additionally, neighboring city of San Jose spent approximately $2,000,000 in 2006 fighting graffiti
  • Decreases local property taxes when building owners give up and property values go down
  • A decline in local or neighborhood economies when businesses or people move out
  • Continued tagging spurs or reinforces theft and attracts littering and loitering
  • Heightens a fear of crime in the area
  • Graffiti attracts more graffiti
  • Contributes to a drop in traffic, reduced tenancy, loss of visitors or tourism
  • Creates a perception that no one cares about the tagged community

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