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A Complete Property Maintenance Company


We’ll Make Sure Your Property’s First Impression is its Best Impression

According to NAPSA, cleanliness ranks as one of the top factors in determining where people shop.  Many people consider exterior cleanliness to be as important as interior cleanliness.  We understand that success is determined by the appearance of your business, neighborhood, or city.


We provide the following services:

  • Sweeping Services: An array of proven and efficient sweeping methods to clean and beautify your property.
  • Day Porter Services: A daily or monthly cleaning program to upkeep your establishment.
  • Property Maintenance: An assortment of specific services targeted to protect and renew your property.
  • Pressure Washing Services: Powerful method for cleaning polluted and contaminated environments.
  • Landscaping Services: Dedicated to creating and maintaining long term sustainable and comprehensive landscape management programs for our clients.
  • Graffiti Prevention & Abatement: Leading-edge anti-graffiti coatings and market leading environmentally safe graffiti removal products.

Because we endeavor to provide the most modern and cost effective methods in cleaning solutions, our clients receive the best service possible.  Our well-trained and professional personnel will address all of your cleaning issues, which ensure the proper care of your business, property, asset, establishment, and city.

USS will work hard to ensure your business looks its best!  Remember, first impressions count!  Let us help with your street sweeping, day porter, property maintenance, and pressure washing needs throughout California, Arizona, and Phoenix.