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Trusted For Over 60 Years In The Industry – Parking Lot Sweeping In Santa Barbara

At Universal Site Services, parking lots are our passion. It’s been in our family for generations. Our grandfather starting out a small sweeping company in Northern California. That has been grown, nurtured, and adapted throughout the years to fit a changing industry and meet the needs of our clients. Our parking lot sweeping in Santa Barbara team is an important part of what makes us the largest provider of exterior maintenance services in the Western US.

We are still family-owned and operated to this day and treat our employees and customers like family as well. You can rest easy knowing your property is the hands of a company with a proven track record of over 60 years of professional parking lot sweeping in Santa Barbara.

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Get The Universal Difference For A Better Santa Barbara Parking Lot And Property Maintenance Experience

We’ve been able to adapt and thrive over the years by making sure we keep up with the changing needs of our customers. Whatever kind of property you have or type of service you need we will be able to provide you industry-leading customer-first service. Without our commitment to our customers and their parking lots, we wouldn’t be where we are at today.

Make sure your customers, employees, and everyone else on your property gets a great first impression and has a great and safe experience. Parking lot sweeping in Santa Barbara needs to be done in a way that is best for your business, customers, and the local environment. Being right next to the ocean means you have a greater chance at debris like sand and salt air causing problems in your lot. Not to mention daily visits from hungry Seagulls looking for a snack. It’s vital that any parking lot in Santa Barbara is kept clean and free from all winged and four-legged pests.

Most cars and trucks will leak any number of chemicals that can cause havoc in our local ecosystem. But with Universal Site Services parking lot sweeping in Santa Barbara, you will ensure there is little to no runoff from your lot that will make it to the ocean, the water supply or any other part of the environment.

Get A Deeper Clean With Day Porter In Santa Barbara Services

Many locations we service have more space than just a parking lot and a doorway. For those locations, we offer day porter services in Santa Barbara. Our day porters will take complete care of your entire property. From trash and litter clean up to general maintenance and janitorial services you can count on us to make your property our priority. We offer all this and more:Santa Barbara Cleaning Services

  • Litter, Trash, and Debris Removal
  • Hand Picking & Disinfecting Surfaces
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Clean up of spills
  • Trash and Dumpster Receptacle Maintenance
  • Cobweb Cleaning and Prevention
  • Window Cleaning
  • On-Site Dusting
  • On-Site Painting
  • Full Reports

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Our team is standing by to help take care of the headaches that come with keeping your property well maintained and safe for all those that use it. Give us a call and we’ll put together a custom service plan that fits your needs.

We Go Beyond To Deliver Great Parking Lot Sweeping In Carpinteria

Your parking lot is the unsung hero of your property. It gives all visitors the first impression of your business. If it’s clean and safe everyone will start off enjoying spending time at your location. If it is full of litter, potholes, and poorly painted parking spaces it creates a mood in your visitors that is not ideal. Sometimes, a poorly maintained lot can even be unsafe for vehicles and people. Parking lot sweeping in Carpinteria keeps you from having to worry about giving the wrong first impressions.

Parking lot sweeping in Carpinteria reduces the amount of litter and trash that makes it into your lot. Humans are creatures of habit and if they see a lot that is not well maintained and has litter flying about, they are more likely to add more litter to the problem. If the lot is well maintained and free of litter visitors are much more likely to make the trip over to a trash can to dispose of their trash.

It’s a simple step and the best defense against an unwelcoming lot full of trash and debris is regular parking lot sweeping in Carpinteria from Universal Site Services.

Parking Lot Sweeping In Carpinteria That Fits Your Needs And Schedule

Carpinteria Parking Lot SweepingWith our decades of experience, there’s one thing we know no matter the location. Every business is different. Some locations see more early morning traffic and some are only open at night. Depending on when you get the most use in your lot will determine what time of day is best to keep your property and lot well maintained and looking great. Some locations are busy 24/7 and will need a more vigorous cleaning maintenance plan.

Whatever your locations needs are we have a custom plan that will be the right fit for you. Contact our professional team of parking lot sweeping in Carpinteria experts who will take the time to get to know your locations needs. From there we will put together a comprehensive maintenance plan that will give you the best results with minimal impact on your day to day operations.

Retail And Industrial Parking Lot Sweeping In Goleta

Whether you have a stand-alone business, retail strip mall, or industrial or office park location property we offer the right kind of parking lot sweeping in Goleta for you. We specialize in custom maintenance plans and will work with or around any schedule.

We provide lot sweeping for:

  • Commercial Property Maintenance in Santa BarbaraRetail
  • Municipal
  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Garages
  • Pay Lots
  • Office Lots
  • Hotels
  • Beach
  • Tourist Attractions
  • And Much More


Whatever parking lot sweeping in Goleta needs you have our team will be there for you. We are prompt, professional, and fully equipped with custom sweeping trucks for any job big or small.


Regular Pressure Washing Keeps Your Building Looking Like New

Pressure Washing Commercial Building in Boom TruckOvertime mold, algae, gunk, dirt and other grime will naturally build up on many surfaces that are exposed to the elements. It is a process that can take a long time and if you aren’t watching carefully you may not notice until it’s totally covered. Regular pressure washing maintenance will stop that build up before it’s an issue and make your walls, fences, signs and more looking they did the day you had them installed.

Whatever type of residue you have causing your problems our professional industrial equipment will make short work of it with minimal impact on your location.

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If you’d like to learn more about all the services we offer and how we can better your location and property just give us a call at (800) 647-9337 or contact us on our website. We are excited to have the opportunity to serve and take care of your property.