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San Jose Parking Lot Sweeping, Where It All Began

Freshly cleaned San Jose parking lot sweeping for businesses by Universal Site ServicesSan Jose is where many companies started. In 1958 Leonard J. Vella started a business focused on parking lot sweeping in San Jose. Driven by principles of loyalty and reliability, Leonard purchased a small sweeper truck and began cleaning the parking lots of local businesses.

50 years later, Leonard has since passed on his original San Jose Parking Lot Sweeping business to his children. Leonard’s company, now Universal Site Services, cleans parking lots in San Jose and all throughout the bay area. As a company, our commitment to parking lot sweeping in San Jose dates back to a time when The Silicon Valley was just The Valley.

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San Jose Parking Lot Sweeping Service Uses Top Of The Line Cleaning Equipment

Universal Site Services may have provided parking lot sweeping services in San Jose for over 50 years, but the equipment they use is far from old-fashioned. Here in San Jose, we live at the forefront of innovation, so it is no surprise that Universal Site Services uses state-of-the-art equipment to clean parking lots. Our sweepers use a regenerative air system, which keeps the dirty air from being released again.

We use non-pollutant vacuum sweepers and fuel-efficient vehicles. Our sweepers even remove tough to get litter, oil spots, and gas that would normally end up washing into our storm drains. Our sweeping services literally polish your parking lot in the cleanest way possible.

Serving The Entire South Bay Area

Being the leading provider of on site maintenance services means we work in places in the San Jose area.  We specialize in parking lot sweeping in Saratoga, CA as well as the rest of the South Bay Area. If your location needs reliable lot sweeping services, day porters, landscape, or any other exterior cleaning service we should be you first and only call.

Your parking lot is something that is easy to overlook but it plays a big part in how your guests, employees, and customers view your business and location.  It is everyone’s first look at who you are and sets the mood that they will have entering your location.  Professional parking lot sweeping in Saratoga, Ca and the San Jose area keeps your location clean, safe, and friendly for all who visit.

Other San Jose Area Locations We Serve:

If you are in an area not listed above we can still offer you service.  Just contact us today to get started.

We Provide Additional Property Maintenance Services In San Jose

Large parking lot sweeping in san jose done with reliabilityEventually the Vella family expanded their San Jose parking lot sweeping business to provide additional services. For years we’ve helped businesses in San Jose with day porter services, pressure washing, graffiti removal and landscaping services. We love sweeping parking lots in San Jose, but we specialize in all exterior property maintenance. We take care of these chores so you don’t have to worry about them. True to the principles Leonard Vella founded this company on, you can rely on Universal Site Services in San Jose 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an emergency parking lot clean up.
Sweeping Service in San Jose Keeps Customers Focused On Your Business.
Whether it is local customers, or visiting clients, using our sweeping service will keep your guests from being distracted by your dirty parking lot. We are committed providing our best possible service to every parking lot sweeping in San Jose that we are trusted with, because after 50 years we know how important cleanliness and reliability is to your business.

Leonard with Original Sweeper