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Dependable Parking Lot Sweeping In San Diego

Universal Site Services has been serving communities all over California for over 60 years and is prepared to bring parking lot sweeping in San Diego. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent services they can count on, so maintaining the look and presentation of your property is never your concern.

Most of the time, potential customers have researched your business online before making the decision to drive to your location. The way your business looks from the outside if their first glimpse into what kind of experience they are going to receive when they enter the building. Parking lots filled with potholes, debris, and graffiti present an image of carelessness and can make some people feel uncomfortable leaving their cars in the lot.

Our job is to make your parking lot as inviting as possible and help your customers get excited about doing business with you. We see ourselves as your partner to help your business thrive rather than someone that just cleans up your parking lot. Our services include, but are not limited to:

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Benefits Of Parking Lot Sweeping For Your Business And Property

Regular parking lot sweeping not only drastically improves the look of your building, but it also saves you time and money when it comes to expensive repairs. When debris is allowed to accumulate on a surface, it can lead to rot, mold, and create more hazards the longer it stays. Reducing hazards will ensure that people walking around the building are safe from accidents.

Additionally, regular cleaning allows for litter to be dealt with immediately. When people are surrounded by a clean environment, they are less likely to leave their litter behind. This deters unwelcomed rodents and pests as well. When you keep your building and parking lot clean, this can also protect the environment. For the best parking lot sweeping in San Diego, look no further than Universal Site Services.

Our expert services include anything you can possibly need to make your property look its best. While parking lot sweeping is one of our specialties, we are not limited to just brushing up dirt and debris. Whatever clean up is required, our trucks will have the tools necessary to get the job done right the first time.

San Diego Parking Lot Sweeping

Do I Really Need Parking Lot Sweeping In San Diego? Yes-You, Do!

Parking lot sweeping is an often overlooked service because many people assume that their employees can handle cleaning up in the parking lot, and the rain can take care of a lot of the dirt and debris. The fact of the matter is that this is just false. If you send your employees to clean the parking lot, that time being taken away from your business. Employees are much more satisfied when they feel like their time is valued and they are a crucial part of the company. Let us worry about the cleanup and your employees can focus on what you hired them to do.

Furthermore, the rain is not a cleaner of parking lots. Rain can bring harmful pollutants into storm drains and reap havoc as that water flows back into the ocean. Prevent this by not canceling your parking lot sweeping during a rainstorm. Regular maintenance allows for build-up to run off quickly and does cause any damage. Plus, harmful pollutants can be disposed of properly before making their way down the storm drain.

Our fleet of specialized trucks is designed to clean parking lots thoroughly and completely. While also being safe for the local environment. Over the decades we’ve adapted our systems and trucks to better service our clients. We’ve even designed our own sweeping trucks to shape our industry to provide better service. Lot and street sweeping have a long and interesting history of changing over time. You can read more about the history of street sweeping here. As technology changes and advances even more so will our fleet, systems, and equipment so you can always rest assured you are getting top of the line service.

Day Porters Working Alongside You

In addition to parking lot sweeping in San Diego, we also offer day porter services. Our day porters see themselves as a part of your team to make your business look its best. For this reason, our day porters are well trained, professional, uniformed, and friendly. Day porters are employees that are on hand to handle day to day clean up and will take care of incidentals as they arise. We will work with you to determine the exact services your day porter can provide including:

  • Litter Removal From Daily Traffic
  • Restroom Maintenance
  • Change and Reline Trash Receptacles
  • Window Washing
  • Cleaning, Hand Picking, and Disinfection


Our teams are trained to look at the big picture and the small details so that you can focus on running your business and we can focus on keeping it clean. Hiring a day porter is a much more cost-effective option than designating an overnight cleaning crew. Cleaning needs to be an ongoing process and does not have a start and end time.

Day porters will respond to the cleaning issues as they arise, which means the dirt will not be sitting for a long period of time waiting for someone else to clean it later. The job will get done faster and will receive a much deeper clean when it is dealt with sooner rather than later. Parking lot sweeping in San Diego and day porters go hand in hand to make your business a success.  When your customer sees that your lot is being cleaned every day, they get the peace of mind that you care about your business and that they can trust you.

We also offer specialty parking lot sweeping including:

If your property is going through a remodel or new construction your lot can become full of debris quick. We specialize in construction lot debris and will keep your lot free of issues and hazards.

Fairgrounds are full of fun, food, and unfortunately litter. This type of lot needs consistent sweeping in the off hours to make sure your attendees have a great time.

People love to spend all day at amusement parks, and no one is really a fan of the long walk back to the car. Take care of the side aside litter from tired patrons as soon as the park closes to keep the parking lot welcoming for tomorrow’s guests.

Sometimes a day of fun at the arena begins with a tailgate in the parking lot. Regular parking lot sweeping makes it so that you can keep up with fun and maintain a safe lot for everyone.

Debris and dirt seem to accumulate at a much faster rate in industrial lots. Rather than letting it sit, it is much more cost effective to have regular parking lot sweeping to get rid of the build-up before it gets to be too much.

When planning for a big event, like a banquet or wedding, sometimes we overlook the wear and tear that guests may bring to an area that is not used to welcoming a large number of guests. A good parking lot sweeping will ensure your property looks great before and after your event.

Homeowners associations help to create a sense of pride and community within a neighborhood. Maintain a welcoming community for all your members by keeping the streets clean all year round with regular parking lot sweeping.

If you have a type of lot not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly team is here to set you up with a custom site service solution.

More Than Just Cleaning, We Also Do Landscaping

Universal Site Services worker providing landscaping servicesWhile a clean and organized building will help your customers feel comfortable, incorporating landscaping can make the property even more inviting. We work alongside facility and property managers to develop landscaping services, as well as any maintenance that may be required.

Before the landscaping begins, we meet with our customers to plan out exactly what they want and work within their budget. From drought-resistant foliage to flower beds, we can design a landscaping model to create the property of your dreams. Are you already happy with your landscaping?

We can install irrigation systems to help you maintain that landscaping, and we can assist with weed control and removal. If you have a dead tree or shrubs becoming an eyesore, our team can remove it and replace it with a beautiful new display to create an inviting environment for your customers and employees.

We offer landscaping designs to fit a variety of locations including retail centers, homeowner associations, residential developments, apartment communities, and state and local government buildings. We can help you create a long-term plan and budget to meet all of your landscaping needs without breaking the bank. For property owners with multiple locations, we can plan each location to your vision and each location will have a consistent look.

Property Maintenance You Can Trust

When we send out our trucks for parking lot sweeping, we always make sure the team has the tools and materials necessary to not simply clean up your parking lot, but also help you maintain the look of the entire property. We are dedicated to providing you with the right service to support your business.

Sign Repair And Installation

A well lit, easy to read the sign is a great way for your customer to find you and offers you some advertising to passersby. If the sign to your business or property is starting to wear, our teams can handle sign repairs to help it look as good as new. If you need a new sign, our team is also trained to install signs. We will ensure that the sign can withstand any weather system and be visible from multiple directions so your customers can easily find you.

Your clients, customers, tenants, or anyone coming into your property want to see your best possible image. Let Universal Site Services help you get there with expert parking lot sweeping in San Diego. From basic repairs to complete remodels, our team can handle any size job. We will work with you to determine the best plan to meet your wants and needs without breaking your budget.


Illegal Dumping Clean Up

Although we hope it never happens, the reality is that sometimes people need to dispose of materials quickly and do not know where to go so they leave it in a nearby office park or retail center. It can be frustrating to arrive for work in the morning and discover an old mattress or unwanted refrigerator taking up space in your parking lot. Just give Universal Site Services a call and we will be by as soon as possible to dispose of those materials fast. Your customers will never even realize it was there.

Storm Drain Clean Out

Our storm drain cleanout service will ensure that your parking lot will not flood during the next storm. When city drains get backed up, your parking lot could be at risk for flooding. In addition to all that water, the dirt and debris left behind will accumulate and create a larger mess. You can rest easy knowing that the property is protected from dangerous flooding. In addition to storm drains in the parking lot, we can also clean out your roof and gutters as well. A clean roof lasts longer and allows you to observe cracks much faster than you would otherwise. Gutters can get clogged fast, and people often do not notice until it is too late.

Concrete Repairs And Installation

Over time, concrete can become cracked and broken. Not only is this not a good look to a project for your business, but this can also create a hazard for people walking around the property. Areas with raised concrete are a tripping hazard, as well as it could potentially damage people’s cars as they drive over the broken pavement. In addition to parking lot sweeping, we can repair cracked and broken concrete. If you are looking to create a new concrete surface, we can also do installations.

Deep Clean Your Property With Pressure Washing

San Diego day porter using a pressure washer to clean a business parking lotPressure washing uses high-pressure water spray to clean up the toughest stains and build up. Although regular parking lot sweeping in San Diego will ensure that you will not have to worry about excessive build up, sometimes a pressure wash is necessary to clean the toughest dirt, grime, mold, or mildew. These tougher buildups can lead to nasty effects including rot and decay and end up costing you later.

Our trucks are often equipped with pressure washers so that we can tackle that tougher job the moment it is spotted, which saves your time in the long run. One concern many have with pressure washing is that the soaps and pressure can damage surfaces or landscaping. For this reason, our crew only use EPA approved soaps and take every precaution to cover plants and flowers before pressure washing. Our goal is to make your property looks its best, so we will also ensure that no damage will be done to your property.

No public place is exempt from the possibility of graffiti. When a person decides to graffiti a surface, they do so with the hope that people will see it. The faster you can tackle graffiti and have it removed, the more likely it is to not return. If you find that your property has been graffitied, call us within 24 hours and we will have a team prepared to remove it. Our anti-graffiti coating will help prevent graffiti in the future and remove it quickly.

No matter what kind of paint, lacquer, or marker used, we have the supplies to remove it. An we do so in an environmentally safe way. Graffiti can distract potential customers from the image you are trying to present and also encourage more people to deface more of your property. Universal Site Services has been leading the clean up of graffiti around California for over 30 years.

The Best Parking Lot Sweeper In San Diego

At Universal Site Services, we want our customers to be confident that they are getting the best service in the business. We are licensed and insured so our customer knows that we are a company you can depend on. We are upfront and honest with our pricing. And are willing to work with you to determine the best possible service to meet your needs. As well as your budget for parking lot sweeping in San Diego.

Whether you are just starting out from scratch, or just need to make some repairs. We have the experience and the drive to make your property look its best. Give us a call today at 1-800-647-9337 to talk to one of our customer service representatives and discover how Universal Site Services can provide parking lot sweeping in San Diego for you. We also service the greater metro area including parking lot sweeping in San Marcos and many more places.