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Parking Lot Sweeping In Reseda

A clean parking lot is more important than it might sound. Your parking lot reflects your business, sets the tone for your customer’s experience, and should be a safe, welcoming space. At Universal Site Services, we take parking lot cleaning seriously. As the number one name in parking lot sweeping in Reseda, CA, we’ve earned our reputation with consistent work, great customer service, and by going above and beyond.

We provide complete exterior maintenance services for a variety of retail, business, and commercial properties. Whether you’re looking for a parking lot cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly equipment, that can maintain your landscaping, or that can handle your day porter needs, you’ve found it with Universal Site Services.

Learn about our comprehensive services and who we can help below.

The Most Dedicated Site Service And Maintenance Team In The Area

Reseda parking lot sweeper truckWhat sets Universal Site Services apart from our competitors is that we consider ourselves a partner within your business. We want you to create the best experience for your clients and customers, so we make sure to give you the best experience. Since 1958, we have helped numerous businesses, retail and industrial centers, homeowners associations, and municipalities all along the West Coast. Once you determine a vision for how you want to present the property, our team can handle the rest. We will put together a plan of action that matches your schedule and budget.

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Who Can We Help?

Reseda Professional Property ServicesWe can help any business, no matter how small or large it is. We offer complete parking lot sweeping in Reseda services for any size retail or commercial location. Our team will work with you to provide a customized schedule and service that best fits the needs of yourself, your employees and your customers.

Beyond commercial parking lots, we can also sweep parking lots for large residential communities, industrial properties, and warehouses.

Why Choose Universal Site Services?

There are plenty of parking lot sweeping companies in Reseda, so what makes us stand above the rest?? We’ve been around since 1958, providing reliable and cutting-edge cleaning services to an ever-growing base of clients. Here are a few reasons that you should choose us for your parking lot sweeping and other property maintenance needs:

  • Professional equipment: Not only did our founder revolutionize the parking lot industry with sweepers, but we’ve also kept up with the latest great developments in sweeping and other maintenance technology. We have the tools to clean your property quickly and thoroughly.
  • Personalized, detailed work: No two properties are the same. And you may need different services than other businesses. We offer completely customizable parking lot sweeping and other services, so that we can keep your property as clean as possible. We don’t skimp details, so you’ll be pleased with every inch of your property.
  • Lower your repair costs: Does your property cost a fortune in repairs? Do you have to repair sod, repave the lot, and fix other problems? Typically, you can lower these maintenance costs if you get regular, professional maintenance services. We can prevent major repairs by keeping your property in better condition overall.
  • Consistency: Some cleaning services skip essential parts of the job, fail to get every piece of trash, or just offer inconsistent services. We don’t. We’re there consistently, doing everything that needs to be done.
  • Reduce your environmental impact: Through spills and trash, your parking lot can negatively impact the environment. We clean the mess up, without making a mess of our own. We use environmentally friendly options from equipment to cleaners.
    24-hour emergency service: When you work with us, you have a relationship with a true maintenance partner. If something happens and you need an emergency clean in your parking lot, you can call us any time of the night or day. This can be essential to keep your business running after accidents, high traffic events and more.
  • Convenience: From start to finish, working with us will make your life more convenient. We go out of our way to provide exceptional customer service, foresee and prevent problems, and much more.

Improve Your Space With Commercial Landscaping

Reseda Landscaper Cleaning A PropertyUniversal Site Services also offers commercial landscaping services to our clients. More than just a clean space, you can offer your customers a refreshing, appealing, even elegant space. Great landscaping can improve the profile of your business in the community, help make a great impression on your clients, and boost the value of your property.

You can leave your green space entirely in our hands. We have the expertise to design, install and maintain lush green spaces for storefronts, apartment buildings, government properties and much more. In Reseda, you might be especially interested in drought-resistant, low-maintenance, or full of native species. We can create landscape designs that suit your needs.

Flexible, Day Porter Services

We also offer day porter services with our exterior maintenance packages. This completely customizable set of services can help you get more cleaning than just parking lot sweeping. Any exterior cleaning needs you have, we can handle with our day porter services. Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Reseda day porter pushing a trash canLitter removal
  • Bathroom maintenance
  • Cleaning and handpicking
  • Disinfection
  • Spill clean up
  • Change and reline trash cans
  • Trash can maintenance and wipe down
  • Dumpster maintenance and clean up
  • Window washing
  • Cobweb clean up
  • Graffiti clean up
  • Dustin mullions
  • Newspaper stand cleaning
  • Telephone booth cleaning
  • Painting
  • Reports

Our day porter services are flexible to fit your property and your schedule. You can use our services once a day, once a week, a month, or only every once in a while, after major events that leave your property in disarray. We can set everything back in order, without taking up your staff’s time.

Our History

We have a long and storied history in the parking lot sweeping industry. You might want to know who we are before you reach out for parking lot sweeping in Reseda. Our business was founded in 1958 by Leonard J. Vella, the grandfather of the sweeping industry. Business was booming in Silicon Valley, and Leonard wanted a better way to sweep more lots. He invented the ride-on sweeper, so that he could clean more and be protected from the elements while he worked.

In 2005, Leonard retired. But we are still a family owned and operated business. Vella’s children, Gina Vella and Joe Vella, took over, vowing to lead the business with the same passion for customer service and for clean parking lots.

Founder, Leonard Vella on an early parking lot sweeper.

Get A Conveniently Clean Property

If you need landscaping, day porter services, or if you’re looking for parking lot sweeping in Reseda, CA, reach out to Universal Site Services.