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You have worked hard to grow your business. Every business can tell you that hard work does not just stop, you need to keep at it every day. With so much to focus on as a business owner, why worry about things like maintaining your outside landscape? That’s where Universal Site Services steps in. We have worked with many business owners to assist with their commercial landscaping in Reno. From revitalizing existing landscapes or starting completely fresh, we work with business owners to find the best solution to meet their needs.

Commercial Landscaping in Reno

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Custom Landscape Design To Make You Stand Out

Custom Reno Landscape DesignSome commercial landscapers will create a beautiful design, but then leave you on the hook for the maintenance. At Universal Site Services, we stand by our work. In every commercial landscaping in Reno project, we make sure to discuss the maintenance from the start. We can sit down and customize a beautiful landscape to help your business exterior become more inviting.

As we do, we will discuss the maintenance demands and show you how we can help you there as well. Our landscaping services in Reno include:

  • Irrigation Installation And Maintenance
  • Turf Renovations
  • Drainage
  • Trimming And Pruning
  • Hydroseeding
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Weed Control And Removal

Homeowner’s Association And Apartment Managers Love Our Professional Landscaping

Professional Reno LandscapingCommercial landscaping in Reno is not just for the business storefront. Many of our loyal customers are managers of homeowner’s associations and apartment complexes. Their job is unique because they need to make dozens, or even hundreds of residents, feel at home. At the same time, they do not want an elaborate landscape that may be beautiful but cause interruptions to your residents with constant maintenance.

Just as we would with our business owner customers, we can custom design a landscaping project that fits your property. Since we also perform maintenance, we can schedule maintenance at a time that works best for you and your residents.

Commercial Pressure Washing In Reno Will Renew Your Exterior

Pressure washers are not just for backyard decks. These handy machines have the ability to completely transform a surface. You might be thinking your building’s exterior needs a fresh coat of paint. In actuality, a pressure washing treatment will help your building look brand new again.

Universal Site Services performs commercial pressure washing in Reno to clean up stuck-on dirt and debris from pavements and the sidings of buildings. We even service multi-level apartments complexes and large buildings.

Furthermore, our commercial pressure washing in Reno professionals can clean out your gutters in time for the winter months so you can have free-flowing drains.

Make Your Residents Happy With HOA Property Pressure Washing Services

Spring brings beautiful weather and lots of reasons to spend time outdoors. If you operate an HOA or apartment complex, you know that you see your residents much more frequently during the warmer months.

The worst thing that can happen during this time is to get a face full of pollen to welcome seasonal allergies. Furthermore, wind can pick up debris and carry it around the complex. Dirt, dust, and grime then will build up on cars and exterior surfaces on buildings.

Prevent this with commercial pressure washing in Reno for your residents. Regular pressure washing can keep the area looking clean, but also limit the build-up and spread of allergens and other pollutants.

HOA Lawn Mower

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Landscaping And Commercial Pressure Washing In Reno

Hedge Trimming in Reno

With society becoming more aware of its impact on the environment, we work hard to stay on top of the latest technology in our industry to protect our environment. It is easy to simply consider what looks pretty when designing landscaping for your building, but the environmental impact needs to be considered as well. We take the time and care to find not only beautiful designs but ones that will help the surrounding area.

Pressure washing can have some harmful effects on adjacent plant life. Pressurized water can ruin plants and flowers. Detergents can be used in pressure washers for a deeper and better clean; however, they can also contain harsh chemicals that can kill your landscaping. Our maintenance teams understand all of these and take extra precautions.

If you are happy with your landscaping and are just looking for someone to help maintain it, we are thrilled to support you. We will take care as much care with your existing landscaping as we would if it were our designs.

Other Landscaping Services We Offer:

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The best thing about Universal Site Services is our flexibility and dedication to customer satisfaction. We view ourselves as your partner, and we want to help your vision become realized.

Universal Site Services in RenoBecause of our time in the business and varied experience, you do not have to know anything about landscaping. Use our team as your guide and we can find the best solution for your building. Whether you operate a storefront, a business park, a homeowner’s association, or apartment complex, we have the tools and experience necessary to create a beautiful exterior.

We offer complete on-site service solutions for your business and commercial property. One of the best advantages of working with us is being your one-stop-shop for all your exterior service needs. From parking lot sweeping in RenoDay Porters in Reno, and much more, we can do it all under one invoice for you.

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