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Quality Pressure Washing Makes Your Property Shine

Professional pressure washing services are employed for graffiti removal and to make your property shine. Pressure washers are traditionally used to clean parking lots, garages, buildings, cars, municipal streets and highways, construction sweeping, and graffiti abatement.

Pressure washers interact with detergents in order to increase the efficacy of the cleaning. You might be interested to know that there are environmentally friendly versions of these soaps and chemicals.

Pressure washers are a type of industrial machinery that spray steady and intense streams of water in order to clean surfaces which would otherwise not lend themselves to being clean or would take exorbitant amounts of time and staff to clean.

Different Setting to Get the Highest Quality Results

There are fundamentally two difference kinds of sprays and settings that pressure washers work on: either a low-volume high-pressure rate (LVHP) which is great for deep cleaning stuck debris, grease and grime; or a high-volume low-pressure rate (HVLP) which is used in order to remove already loosened particles like paint, dust, mud, dirt, etc. from surfaces like concrete, roofs, wood and painted surfaces and other items that will need regular cleanings.

Gas and Electric Washers each have their Strengths

The gas powered pressure washers tend to have greater mobility than the electric ones and therefore work well for expansive exterior spaces and the necessary maneuvering around them, however, for indoor applications you’ll find that the electric pressure washers are preferable as they are significantly quieter and have no exhaust fumes with which to contend.

When bringing a pressure washer in to clean your premises, another factor to consider is your water pressure. No matter what type of machine is used, it will not be able to pull out more water from the pipe than is to begin with, so the water source needs to be sufficient for use or it can damage the pump, and will almost certainly be ineffective in getting the desired result as far as level of cleanliness.

Graffiti Removal

FYI, using pressure washers with special chemicals at just the right pressure and nice hot water temperature settings have great success rates in the removal of graffiti. You want to make sure that whoever does the job for you doesn’t clean with such vigorous force that they etch the surface and damage the surface material, or render future pressure washing impossible.

So when faced with the need for graffiti removal, look for a pro who knows how to handle the graffiti while keeping your property in good health.

Of course, as with any power tools, you want the most qualified professionals in-charge of them. You want the people who know the most about settings and machinery and all the newest information about environmentally friendly products, which is one more reason why it is important to hire an experienced, competent company to do your pressure washing.