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Clean Mall Parking Lot

Property Maintenance Includes Parking Lot Flushing and Cleaning

Whether it’s commercial complexes or city sanitation, good property maintenance isn’t limited to building interiors or main streets. Parking areas, whether open-air or below ground, should also be cleaned effectively with regular sweeping services.

Like city streets, commercial parking lots tend to collect dirt and debris—the amount of which differs according to location and frequency of use. The parking lots of restaurants and malls, for example, are generally more prone to dirt and debris accumulation. All the more reason to stay on top of good, ongoing property maintenance.

Property Maintenance & Parking Lot Cleaning Benefits

Really, no matter where a parking lot is situated, a regular cleaning method such as brushing and flushing is certainly needed. Parking areas adjacent to public recreational facilities, as well as government offices, are taken care of by the municipality or affiliated governing body. On the other hand, parking lots situated in privately owned businesses locations are the responsibility of the owner or whoever manages the commercial property on their behalf.

Through regular parking lot cleaning, there are a number of pluses for the general community in terms of health and environmental safety alone. Here are just a few benefits to consider:

• Safe and clean parking spaces. If the parking area is kept clean and well-maintained, it also means that motorists are safe and protected from health hazards. Accidental slips or falls and resulting injuries can be effectively minimized or eliminated when loose litter and debris is kept at bay. These waste materials can also puncture the tires of vehicles. This only has to happen once for a driver to feel they shouldn’t bother returning to your business.

• Enhanced reputation and image. Commercial establishment owners can enjoy the benefit of having a good reputation by maintaining a clean parking lot. The aesthetic value and overall cleanliness of the business complex and its environment are essential to both employees and customers. Excellent property maintenance projects an image of professionalism and reliability and sends the message that customers are a priority. Employees, too, of course, will enjoy the benefits of working in a clean, safe environment. Thumbs up on all counts.

• Maintain cleaner air. Regular parking lot flushing and cleaning services minimize air pollution. Road dust (including gas combustion wastes, oil or fuel spills and construction dust) composes a huge percentage of pollutants in the air. In order for the community to breathe cleaner air, it counts big time to have parking areas properly and regularly cleaned.

• Parking lot flushing helps conserve natural resources. Water runoff collects in sewers or catch basins before flowing into lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. When litter and debris mix with water that ends up in sewers, the bodies of water eventually become polluted—an unclean parking lot makes a nasty contribution to the problem.

Having parking lot flushing and cleaning done regularly cuts down on the cost of sewer maintenance. Almost all cities must budget money for filtering or cleaning sewers and basins in order to decrease pollution in the surrounding bodies of water. Be part of the best possible kind of responsible property maintenance—beneficial not only to the community—but kinder to nature, as well. A clean conscience is a beautiful thing.

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