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Property Maintenance and The First Big Fall Storm

The summer is over and the weather is turning.  It happens every year and yet it always seems to surprise us when the weather has actually turned for the worst.

For those managing property sites; retail, industrial or commercial, this turn in the weather also means your phones will undoubtedly be ringing with weather-related issues.

Rain Always Identifies the Problems

That new leak in the roof, the clogged downspout and the backed up storm drain creating lake “Oh My Gosh” in your parking lot.

It’s always at this exact point in time that you find out the true capabilities of your property maintenance company.   Are they attentive, are they prepared, and most importantly, do they have the necessary equipment to react and fix the many issues that the on slot of fall and winter storms will bring.

Working With a Professional Property Maintenance Company

Does your maintenance company have:

  • Parking lot sweeping equipment on hand to manage the fallen foliage
  • Do they have the heavy duty “industrial” grade backup sweepers to properly manage the piles of leaves Mother Nature is dropping in your parking lot
  •  Do they have the necessary staff to get out in the wee hours of the morning to handle the potential crisis at hand
  • Can they quickly resolve issues so that come morning, when the doors open employees, tenants and customers are never the wiser of the mayhem that went down during those big storms

Mother Nature doesn’t care, make sure you’re with the right full service property maintenance company that does!