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Property Care & Maintenance Can Help Reduce Crime & Violence

A property manager needs to be extra prepared for every eventuality. You may be a manager of a business or a residential property; in either case, this information applies to you.

What You Can Do About Crime and Violence 

First and foremost, realize you may not be able to do everything because of logistics or cost in time and money. This implies that some study is needed to choose the most effective measures affordable. Evolve a plan after speaking first with local police or available security experts. Include organizing and training residents and staff according to expert recommendations. The experts can also advise on material steps that can be taken. These will involve using your care and maintenance contractors’ services.

Practical Onsite Crime & Violence Prevention Measures 

  •  Keeping up regular cleanliness and order, as well as regular maintenance, is known to positively lower crime and violence rates. This includes interior and exterior areas, driveways, lots, stairwells, walkways, and all – even signage.
  •  Maintaining lighting and providing sufficient lighting is another good protective measure:– Walkways and routes to parking, storage, laundry facilities, and other similar avenues should always be well lit.– In areas left dark unless being used, there should be easily accessed switches outside the area so that no one has to entering in the dark in order to reach a light switch.– Installation of motion-sensing or automatic after-dark lights, and other similar devices are all valid options.
  •  Grounds should be well groomed and without secluded or blind areas, or areas with deep shadows into which a victim could be forced or dragged.
  •  Security bars and screens for windows are helpful, but should be of a type that allow escape from within in case of fire or other calamity. Residents and employees should be familiar with how to release them at such times.
  •  Security cameras and systems are better and cheaper than ever before. If at all possible, have them installed in optimum areas and make sure staff maintain and keep them operational with fresh recording tapes or cassettes where necessary.
  •  Shrubbery close to windows and in areas where someone might be tempted to hide and attack or peep from should have heavy thorns to discourage these behaviors.
  •  Fast handling of graffiti is another step known to help quell negative activities.
  •  The standard door peephole is useful, but minimally safe. A potential intruder can see when they are being used, and a person bent on murder could simply shoot through a door when he saw the person was there. Newer ones with digital viewers and other options now exist. Security monitors, when they can be justified, are even better, especially for businesses.
  •  Some banks and businesses now install entry chambers where a person entering has to be closed in by an outside door before he can be buzzed through an inside door. Anyone suspicious can be observed and simply held there until police arrive.
  •  Install secured areas for protection. This area may be as elaborate as building a panic room, or secured by simply armoring certain walls, desks, cabinets, or other areas where a threatened person could step out of danger. Tailor it to the situation.
The above are good general measures. Your own circumstances and the recommendations of your experts may involve other safeguards. However, you can see that your own care and maintenance contractors could easily handle many of the practical steps. Start your plan today. Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Universal Site Services and a clickable link back to this page.