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Promote Safety in Your Commercial Property with Parking Lot Sweeping

For many people, going to a mall or any type of commercial complex, one of the primary concerns is the overall condition of parking lots.  When neglected and not properly maintained, parking lots can be hazardous to health and safety. Security is always an issue: people naturally prefer to choose a parking lot that is well-kept, properly lit and not isolated—a good combination in avoiding incidents of theft. There are equally important concerns that can be significantly reduced through regular parking lot sweeping. One is the serious health hazard that comes with environmental pollutants that accumulate in commercial parking lots.

Serious Health Risks and Hazards

Careful shoppers are meticulous about the general condition and cleanliness of parking lots. In particular, parking lots that are covered—such as in basement or other underground locations—should be well ventilated and cleaned on a regular basis.  Smoke emissions from engines can pose serious hazards to health, especially if the area is enclosed. Solids from these emissions gradually settle on the parking lot floor as particulate, which of course can contain toxic substances. The typically small size of these particles allows them to easily enter the nose and mouth, and eventually the lungs. There is also a problem with sediments transported by runoffs after a heavy rainfall. These particles are known to carry highly toxic substances which can eventually end up in natural waterways and pose serious danger to drinking water, as well as aquamarine resources. High vehicle traffic contributes to the accumulation of foreign debris within a parking lot area.  Engine oil leaks and worn tires also add to the pollutant load.

The Importance of Parking Lot Sweeping Service

Studies show that high pollutant loads come from parking lots. This brings home the all-important fact that the lack of regular cleaning of parking lots can expose people to serious health risks. Maintaining cleanliness in your commercial parking area goes beyond aesthetics—more importantly, it can decrease the build-up of known environmental hazards. In recent years, city-owned establishments have been subject to careful attention regarding the above concerns. Privately owned parking lots are also greatly encouraged to contract their own parking lot sweeping services to carry out regular cleaning that follows environmental standards.

A Closer Look at Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping services are generally much like street sweeping. Reputable providers use mechanical sweepers to automatically collect and deposit debris into a hopper. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the process, flushing with water is also performed to loosen any accumulated dirt and debris. Such sweepers are capable of collecting particles as small as 10 micrometers and probably less, which is significant in the effective elimination of pollutant load. Regenerative air sweepers and vacuum-assisted sweepers are also available, and their modern designs offer enhanced maneuverability for cleaning tight turns and smaller areas. When it comes to cleanliness and the safety of your valuable clients and customers, it’s critical not to overlook the importance of regular parking lot sweeping. It’s a win-win option!   Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Universal Site Services  and a clickable link back to this page.