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Preserve Business Image with Parking Lot Sweeping Services

One thing holds true to all businesses across various fields and industries: first impressions last. Whether you are offering products or services or a combination of both, you naturally want to exude the image of utmost professionalism and unquestionable capability. This means keen attention is required down to the last detail – including the upkeep of your parking lot.

Parking Lot Sweeping is an Investment, Not an Expense

A lot of people may regard contracting professional parking lot sweeping services as an additional overhead expense. But for seasoned business owners and large corporations, it is an essential and viable investment – that is, if you are keen on protecting your brand and corporate image.

Your reception hall is not the first area that represents your business that potential and existing clients are most likely to see –it’s your parking lot. With this in mind, you definitely want to ensure your parking lot creates the right first impression. Instead of investing in the hiring of an in-house cleaning crew and purchasing regular cleaning materials and the correct equipment, which is quite costly, contracting professional parking lot sweeping services presents a more viable, economic  and practical solution.

Benefits of Contracting Professional Parking Lot Sweeping Services

  • Well-kept parking areas and sidewalks are critically important in attracting customers. According to studies, the cleanliness of an establishment ranks as a primary factor in determining where people prefer to shop. In addition, studies revealed that before entering a building, people consider the exterior cleanliness to be equally important as interior cleanliness.
  • One of the major environmental pollutants identified is stormwater runoff. This can be prevented through regular parking lot sweeping and maintenance to effectively minimize pollutants in stormwater streams.
  • It is next to impossible to maintain or develop a company’s competitive edge if the business exterior, most especially the parking lot area is untidy.
  • Maintaining a clean and well-preserved parking lot is an effective deterrent and a good way to discourage people from throwing trash carelessly when they shop.
  • Sand and dirt are abrasive in nature. Therefore, it is of vital importance that the dirt not remain unattended on pavements as it can contribute significantly to the rapid deterioration of the paving material. Pavement replacement costs are a much greater expense than routine maintenance.
  • Keeping a clean and well-maintained parking lot effectively projects an image of success and based on studies, consumers tend to patronize businesses that are successful.

What to Consider When Hiring Professional Parking Lot Sweeping Contractors

There are a number of service contractors that claim to be the best when it comes to parking lot sweeping services. To help you effectively narrow down your choices, request comparable reference lists. Check to see if their service areas do not only include small commercial establishments but also large shopping centers. This will give you an idea of their capabilities.

It is also important to choose a parking lot sweeping contractor with insurance coverage. Request for a copy of the insurance certificate and study to see if their coverage meets your specific requirements. Also require a detailed list of all inclusions in their services, so you can better compare each provider. This will help you to ensure you get better value for your investment.