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Universal Value, Tradition, And Commitment To Parking Lot Sweeping In Pomona

Universal Site Services sets the bar high for parking lot sweeping in Pomona you can trust.  We’ve been doing what we love for over 60 years and it shows in our service and commitment. What we love is keep your exterior grounds and site clean, safe, and inviting to all that visit your property.  This starts with dedicated and committed parking lot sweeping service but doesn’t end there. We’ve developed into your one-stop-shop for everything your property needs. From day porters, pressure washing, landscape and much more.

When you use Universal Site Services for your property maintenance needs you can rest assured that your property is in the hands of long-time experts that have grown and adapted to the demands of modern daily use parking lots, corporate parks, and any other exterior space. We have the know-how and ability to create a custom package that fits all of your needs and goes beyond just parking lot sweeping in Pomona.

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What Makes Universal Different?

Universal Site Services Parking Lot Sweeping in PomonaFor many, it’s our experience that sets Universal Site Services apart from the rest, but our service really goes much deeper than that. Parking lot sweeping is in our blood. We are a family-owned business passed down from generation to generation for over 60 years. Our passion goes beyond just being a business, we are a family tradition. It’s because of this that we take great pride in all the work we do not just by offering the best and most comprehensive parking lot sweeping in Pomona, but all the most versatile and well-rounded portfolio of services to match any locations needs.

We are not only Pomona’s best choice but over the years we’ve grown to be California’s largest provider of on-site property cleaning and maintenance. We have the tools, knowledge, and drive to make your property, our priority and you can rest easy knowing your location in great hands that will go above and beyond to ensure your lot is the best it can be.

How Parking Lot Sweeping In Pomona Makes A Difference

Parking Lot Cleaner in PomonaFor the many people that will use and utilize your parking, how it gets and stays clean is pretty much an afterthought. It does, however, make a pretty big impact on the overall experience of those coming to your location. Whether it’s to work, shop, play or live everyone’s first impression and experience begins with the parking lot.

A clean safe and well-lit parking lot is inviting to those coming to you and put them in a better and more open mood. If the lot is dirty, full of litter, and attracting unwanted birds and other animals then that first impression is already soured and can make for a bad experience for that visitor. Once people see trash and litter already in a lot they are also much more likely to keep adding new litter as it seems like it’s an okay thing to do since there already is trash taking up space. Trash and especially food litter can also attract unwanted visitors like gulls, crows, rodents, and more. They then leave behind their own waste which can cause damage to your asphalt and concrete as well bring down your overall user experience.

With our parking lot sweeping in Pomona service, you can be assured that you do not have to worry about the state of your low providing a bad experience for anyone coming to your property. We will put together a custom cleaning schedule that fits your needs with little to no impact on your customers and employees. If your property is used primarily at night then we will clean early before it gets busy. If you normally operate in the day and morning then we’ll clean at night. If your area sees heavy traffic all day then we’ll make multiple trips to make sure your parking lot is always clean.

Our service is also great for the local environment and consistent cleaning keeps harmful pollutants and chemicals from getting into the local ecosystem and is properly disposed of instead.

Go Further With Day Porter In Pomona Services

If your location and property include green spaces, meeting areas, common areas, or anything beyond a parking lot then our day porters are your best solution to keep those areas safe and clean as well. Our professional teams are made of the best of best day porters in Pomona. We’ll use some elbow grease and a human touch to keep everything spic and span. While being free of litter and emptying trash bins and tidying up as needed.

Property Maintenance and Cleaning in PomonaA day porter is similar to a full-service attendant keeping an eye on your general areas and keeping them clean and free of litter and debris as needed. We also offer:

  • Landscape Service
  • Industrial Sweeping
  • Specialty Lot Sweeping
  • Pressure Washing
  • Property Maintenance
  • Grafitti Removal

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No matter the type of location or lot or how often you’ll need service our professional team is ready and waiting to make it our priority. Contact us to learn more about our services and we’ll create a customized plan to fit your needs.