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Parking Lot Sweeping In Vallejo

Full-Service Parking Lot Sweeping For Your Property

Parking lot sweeping service in Vallejo, CA.Universal Site Services has been offering reliable parking lot sweeping for years. We’ve got maintaining your parking lot down to a science, allowing us to effectively keep your area clean of debris, garbage, oil spills, and other unwanted messes. Did you know that regular parking lot sweeping and maintenance also helps to prevent potholes? Potholes can be a huge pain to fix once they’ve formed, and they’re also a tripping hazard for pedestrians and put unneeded wear and tear on vehicles.

Do you need anymore convincing? To get started with your own customized sweeping schedule, call Universal Site Services today. We’ll be your go-to source for Vallejo parking lot sweeping, day porter services, and so much more.

Eco-Friendly, Low Emissions Vehicles

We are proud of the fact that we use eco-friendly, low-emissions vehicles. Not only are our sweepers efficient, but they also work to help the environment by removing debris that would otherwise escape into our air supply or water supply. We are always looking for more ways to keep our business green, and we’re glad to help you do the same.

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Our Services

While parking lot sweeping is our specialty, we don’t limit ourselves to just one thing. We offer a wide variety of services to our Vallejo customers, including:

  • Day porter services
  • Property maintenance
  • Landscaping servicesUniversal Site Services parking lot sweeping in Parking Lot Sweeping in Vallejo, CA.
  • Commercial parking lot sweeping
  • Pressure washing
  • And more

It doesn’t matter if you need sweeping on a monthly or weekly basis, or if you just need us to sweep one time. We offer flexible scheduling that will best suit your company’s needs. We currently serve clients from all kinds of industries and with all kinds of parking lots.

  • Event centers
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Private housing
  • Office parks
  • Retail centers
  • Sports complexes
  • And more

Why Choose Universal Site Services?

What is it that makes Universal Site Services the right choice for you? Here are just a few reasons why we offer the best parking lot sweeping in Vallejo.

  • We keep it professional
  • We offer variable sweeping schedules
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We are locally owned and operated
  • We are always on time for appointments
  • We offer eco-friendly service
  • We are a full-service property maintenance company


We are confident that if you try our services, you’ll be satisfied. You’ll also enjoy having a parking lot that is clean of garbage and other debris. Keeping your property well maintained will also encourage others to do the same, cutting down on the amount of litter and vandalism you see. Do the smart thing – call Universal Site Services today and schedule your first parking lot sweeping session!

Day Porters In Vallejo

Vallejo Parking Lot Sweeping by Universal Site Services.

In addition to parking lot sweeping, we also offer day porter services. As day porters, our job is to keep not just the parking lot clean, but your entire building exterior. We can clean up spills, maintain your restrooms, clear out your trash, and more. Have big clients visiting you next week? No problem.

Tell us and we’ll make sure to do a thorough cleaning of your building. We can also set up regular cleaning services, on a daily basis, three times a week, or whatever suits your work schedule.

Parking Lot Sweeping In Vallejo And Beyond

Our Vallejo parking lot sweepers are proud to be able to serve the local community. But we also know that good sweepers can be hard to come by – and so we’ve extended our service area to include locations around Vallejo, too.