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Parking Lot Sweeping In Union City, You Can Trust

Have you ever had to walk through a parking lot that was dirty, covered in gum, oil, or full of potholes? If so, then you know that a dirty parking lot leaves a lasting impression – and it’s not a positive one. Often times, a customer will turn right back around (or not even stop in at all) if they notice a grungy, uninviting building exterior.

But There’s Good News, Universal Site Services Is Here To Help.

Your clients and employees want to come to a workplace that is tidy, friendly, and welcoming – and this includes your parking lot. When you invest in parking lot sweeping in Union City, you’re also investing in the future of your business.

Parking lot sweeping services by Universal Site ServicesA clean parking lot means more customers and happier employees – and it also means a safer work environment. Say goodbye to trip hazards, and say hello to a well-kept parking lot. Call Universal Site Services today. We’ll handle all of your Union City parking lot sweeping needs.

We Service All Commercial Locations

We work with you to make a customized sweeping schedule that is the least disruptive to your daily activities. Do you operate a warehouse that is more active at night? Then we’ll sweep your parking lot during daylight hours.

Does your business operate Monday through Friday? Then we’ll sweep your parking lot on the weekends.

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Commercial Exterior Maintenance And Lot Sweeping, Including:

Street sweeping services by Universal Site Services

Office parks
Retail stores
Parking lots
Parking garages
Special event arenas

Need weekly, monthly, or quarterly parking lot sweeping? We can do that. We can also provide one-time parking lot sweeping for your special events.

Eco-Friendly Parking Lot Sweepers

Our vehicles are up to date in terms of modern standards in fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. Why? Because we want to make the right choice also the easiest choice. When you choose Universal Site Services for parking lot sweeping in Union City, you’re also choosing a company that cares about the environment.

Our parking lot sweepers are fuel-efficient, state of the art, discreet, and eco-friendly

We help to eliminate toxic chemicals and oils that would otherwise drain off into our sewers, contaminating drinking water and our oceans. Every car that drives onto your lot leaks oil, dirt, and other fluids onto the pavement – and every time it rains, these materials flow into our storm drains. Regular parking lot sweeping prevents these materials from polluting our environment, band instead we dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly manner.

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Our regular service area extends to the greater Bay Area, including the following locations:

If you need parking lot sweeping in the Bay Area, call Universal Site Services today.

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