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Parking Lot Sweeping Service for Porous Asphalt Pavement

A true indication of a highly successful business and well-managed company starts with its exterior image. This brings home the all-important need to contract a reliable parking lot sweeping service so you can project the right impression to draw in clients and customers.

Effective property maintenance requires attention to detail. Cleanliness of your commercial property does not only reflect care and safety, but it also indicates your competence and capacity to deliver a consistent level of high standards for your products or services.

Property Maintenance – Porous Asphalt Pavement

Porous asphalt pavement is commonly used on many parking lots today and is also widely found in other high traffic areas and applications such as sidewalks, walking paths, plazas and playgrounds. This is widely used in commercial and residential properties, as it is known to be highly effective in the reduction of contaminants such as metals, grease, oil and suspended solids.

To fully maximize the benefits of pervious systems, its design and construction are not the only considerations, but most importantly its maintenance.

If your exterior property features a porous asphalt pavement, it is critically important to choose a parking lot sweeping service contractor who not only has expertise, but has expertise in dealing with this type of surface. This is mainly because porous asphalt has specific maintenance requirements that are best carried out by seasoned experts in this particular area.

Important Factors on Porous Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

The important goals of a parking lot sweeping service when dealing with porous asphalt maintenance is to prevent clogging of its void spaces, well within the surface, and its underlying infiltration bed.

Regular sweeping and vacuuming of debris is highly recommended in order to ensure the system is kept clean and to also extend its life span. When dealing with porous asphalt, the use of compressed air units and pavement washing systems are strongly discouraged.

Effective Parking Lot Sweeping Services

It is important to keep the surrounding areas clean, most especially if there are planted areas adjacent to the pavement in order to prevent soil washout that can clog the pavement with fine sediments. With proper and routine parking lot sweeping services delivered accurately, you can look forward to extending the life of your porous asphalt for many years.

Aside from regular parking lot sweeping, it is also key to vacuum the surface at least twice a year using an industrial grade vacuum sweeper. Note that the use of simple broom sweepers is not recommended when dealing with porous asphalt.

Additionally, winter presents a number of maintenance challenges since abrasives and sands are not to be used, as these can potentially clog up the pores. The standard road salt is often the acceptable deicing material used.

With all these considerations in mind, it highlights the importance of why you need to choose an experienced, top-of-the-line parking lot sweeping service contractor who is adept and fully equipped to handle this type of property maintenance work.