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Manteca Parking Lot Sweeping

Keep A Clean And Inviting Lot With Parking Lot Sweeping in Manteca

When you want a reputation for cleanliness, you should work with Universal Site Services for your parking lot sweeping in Woodland Hills. Every member of our team takes pride in our work, which means that we’re more reliable and detail-oriented than the competition. We’ll keep your property cleaner, more consistently, which will help you build a better business reputation. 

Of course, there are many other advantages of getting proper parking lot sweeping. We also offer other commercial property maintenance so that we can be your single source for all the maintenance work that you need. That way you can be confident your property is always clean, green, lush and appealing to your customers. Learn more about the various ways we support your business below. 

Why Invest in Parking Lot Sweeping in Manteca?

We offer more than your average parking lot sweeping company. It’s about more than moving trash and the benefits to your business and huge. We don’t miss days or spots on your lot. Instead, we’re so thorough to even offer additional services that can help you property stand out. You should choose us as your parking lot sweeping partner because you’ll see these benefits:

  • Save staff time: Your staff weren’t trained in proper use of equipment or how to clean efficiently. Ours were. Plus, we have access to high-end cleaning equipment that makes the job faster. Let your staff do the job they were trained to do and give them more time to do it too. 
  • Reduce environmental impact: Oil and other spills or your property could end up impacting the environment. But not when you work with us. We go the extra mile to ensure that our cleaning protects the environment, helping you maintain your green reputation. 
  • Improve health and safety: Slips and falls are much more likely to happen in a parking lot that hasn’t been maintained. Our sweeping can help keep your surfaces level and free of debris, which will lower your liability for accidents. 
  • Boost reputation: Customers are more concerned about the cleanliness of your property than ever. Show them that you take it seriously, outside and inside. Otherwise, dirty environments may dissuade customers from walking through your doors. 
  • Lower maintenance costs: From potholes to graffiti, you can lower your odds of developing other maintenance issues when your lot is cleaner. In dirty lots, debris erodes asphalt. Plus, people who are prone to littering are more likely too when the environment is already messy. With our diligent attention, we can reduce issues and lower your maintenance costs. 

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Commercial Pressure Washing Services  

What about those old, deep stains that are staining your property? Along with parking lot sweeping in Manteca Universal Site Services offers pressure washing for all kinds of commercial properties specifically to restore their surface’s clean look. When your dumpster area has been soiled, someone leaked oil into your concrete, or the wood or glass surfaces on your property could use a touch up, our trained experts can clean it safely without damaging the surface. 

We use industrial strength pressure washers with PSIs of 3500 and hot water. These can remove long term stains and keep continual issues, like mold and algae, at bay.

We have the equipment and skill to pressure wash:

  • Windows
  • Awnings
  • Guttersimage of universal site service commercial pressure washing service on the second story with a bucket truck
  • Stairwells
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Dumpster areas
  • Drive Thru’s
  • Storefronts 
  • And more

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Property Upkeep

At Universal Site Services, we care about reducing our impact on the environment. Many of our services, from pressure washing to planting native flowers, can actually support the environment and prevent your property from harming local flora and fauna. If you’re a company in Manteca that cares about protecting the environment, it’s worthwhile to work with us. 

We choose state-of-the-art equipment that makes a lower impact on the environment every step that we take, from non-pollutant vacuum sweepers to more fuel-efficient engines. We use ideal sweeping techniques with prevent the toxins we pick up from heading into the storm drain.

Our parking lot sweeping in Manteca service also capture airborne pollutants with regenerative air systems and keep them from heading back out into your air.image of USS parking lot sweeping in Manteca truck

Keep Things Green With Commercial Property Landscaping 

Your property is much more than asphalt, and we service much more than asphalt. One of our most major services that can help you better your property most significantly is our commercial property landscaping. We have the expertise to design lovely green spaces for a huge range of properties, whether you’re a manufacturing plant that just wants a greener entrance or an office building that has an acre to make the most of. 

A new green space designed by Universal Site Services can help raise your brand’s profile in the community, or it may provide your customers, staff, or tenants with a space they can enjoy. Whether you have huge ideas for your landscaping, or you just want something that is green and low maintenance, we can help.

We also offer maintenance on green spaces, saving you the hassle of watering, cutting, fertilizing, trimming and otherwise caring for your green space. You have a business to run, and we can take the landscape maintenance right off your plate so that you can focus on other things. 

Here are all of the landscaping services that we have expertise in:

  • New landscaping and hardscaping installationimage of uss day porter providing cleaning and a view of the landscape service in Manteca
  • Plant selection 
  • Soil analysis and preparation 
  • Staking & guy-wiring  
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance  
  • Irrigation smart controllers 
  • Ground covers and drainage
  • Turf renovations 
  • Hydro seedings 
  • Flower bed maintenance 
  • Trimming and pruning 
  • Removal of dead trees and shrubs 
  • Weed control and removal 

Choose A Provider With Decades Of Experience In Doing It Right

The team at Universal Site Services has been a major player in parking lot sweeping in California since the very beginning.

We’ve always been on the cutting edge of new technologies, and we offer more services, to serve you better and fulfill all of your outdoor property maintenance needs.

Trust us for your parking lot sweeping in Manteca and reach out today.