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The best parking lot sweeping services in san mateoHave you ever approached a business complex, perhaps that of a potential client, only to discover that the exterior of the building was dingy, the ground covered in litter, and your car tires kept encountering potholes? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely that your first impression of the client was negative, and that this followed through to your first face to face interaction with the clients themselves. This is just a simple demonstration of how our San Mateo parking lot sweeping services can benefit you and your business.

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We’re Your Mean Green Cleaning Machine In San Mateo

Wherever cars go, oil follows. This leads to unsightly oil stains on the pavement, but even worse, it leads to oil washing down storm drains during heavy rainfall. Our San Mateo parking lot sweeping vehicles can help alleviate the amount of oil and grime on your pavement, and we’ll dispose of it properly, too. We try to be environmentally conscious whenever possible, which is why we use energy-efficient vehicles and non-polluting sweepers. We also dispose of trash and litter in a responsible and eco-friendly way. 

And when nearby businesses see the cleanliness of your parking lot, they’ll be more likely to follow suit, leading to an improvement in the aesthetics of your business complex. So do your part and allow us to be your parking lot sweeper in San Mateo today!

San Mateo Parking Lot Sweeping Services Done Fast, Done Right

We regularly clean the following types of properties:

  • San Mateo Parking Lot Sweeping being done by Universal Site ServicesParking lots
  • Parking garages
  • Commercial, retail, and industrial sites
  • Special event grounds
  • Apartment or business complexes


We quickly and effectively enhance your parking lot by performing the following services:

  •  Oil residue removal
  • Dirt and debris removal
  • Litter and trash removal
  • Pot hole removal
  • Chewing gum removal


These are just a handful of the services we offer to our San Mateo clients. By removing oil, dirt, leaves, and other debris, we are keeping your parking lot safe for pedestrians – and keeping your gutters clean during the rainy months. Leave the Tough Stuff to the Pros It would take a single person (or even a few people) hours to clean a large parking lot – but it takes us only minutes. Our environmentally conscious vehicles were made to sweep, and to do it well. We leave behind no debris, whisking away oils, grime, and dirt so that your employees and clients won’t trip and fall. Got potholes? We can patch them for you, leaving your lot looking almost new again.

Don’t wait another minute. We offer parking lot sweeping in San Mateo at a great price and on a schedule that suits your needs, whether it’s daily, once, or twice a week. Call us today to find out what’s best for you.