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New people are moving into Riverside all of the time, and there’s always a healthy population of new students in the area too. That’s good news for businesses and property owners, but not so good news for the condition of your property.

More people means that more recyclables and garbage will be left on your property. Parking lot sweeping services are essential to keep your property looking it’s best. 

Parking lot sweeping is likely the most cost-effective way you have to keep things clean, and meet your customers or tenants’ expectations of how your exterior should look. Riverside is home to the biggest paper cup in the world, and that’s just one indication that the city is fond of recycling.

To meet expectations in this city, you need to have an immaculate parking lot and property exterior. Universal Site Services can help with parking lot sweeping in Riverside, as well as day porter services, pressure washing, landscaping services and graffiti removal. We can handle any size parking lot, including retail, industrial, commercial and residential areas.

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Universal Site Services: A History Of Service

You may have been surprised to learn that we are one of the oldest parking lot sweepers and day porter service providers in the Riverside area. Our founder, Leonard J. Vella, opened a parking lot sweeping service in Silicon Valley more than 55 years ago! 

Leonard wanted to serve a few customers with thorough and reliable cleaning services that were attuned to their needs. He started with a single truck but soon discovered that his business model was successful. What began as a small, family-focused business expanded into a 24/7, complete site service company. Now, we not only serve many areas of California but also Nevada and Arizona. 

The Vella family decided to rename their business Universal Site Services to communicate better the wide range of services we offer here. While we have grown, we’ve maintained Leonard’s focus on reliability and professionalism.

Benefits Of Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping isn’t just about doing your part to keep trash off the streets. By keeping things well maintained outside, you protect your business and you protect your investment in your property. Here are just a few of the other benefits of parking lot sweeping in Riverside: 

  • Reduce asphalt maintenance: Sweeping isn’t as expensive as filling up cracks and holes in your parking lot. Oil and gas runoff and other debris can make your parking lot wear down faster. That means you have to pay more, more frequently for repairs. For example, trash and landscaping debris encourage water to stick around longer, potentially blocking drainage points, which means that the water has more time to erode your asphalt. When there’s no trash, water drains off as it should. And, if it still doesn’t, take a look at our landscape options. We can help manage your wastewater too.


  • image of parking lot sweeping in riverside truck by universal site servicesImpress your clients: When a customer is driving up to your business, the first thing they notice is your parking lot. Does yours welcome them in, or make them second guess if your quality is up to their standards? Your parking lot is a reflection of your pride in your business, how well you handle the details, and how much you care about their experience on your property. It’s not just high-end locales that have a reputation to protect. Every business and property need to look good to make customers and tenants feel welcome. If someone finds themselves thinking about the poor state of your parking lot, they may hop right back into their car or have lowered expectations on what their experience will be at your location


  • Protect the environment: Parking lot sweeping removes dirt and debris, but it also keeps harmful substances from ending up in our water and air. Everyone who owns a parking lot faces the unfortunate problem when someone rolls into their parking lot leaking oil. If you leave the oil it will likely leak out into nearby water and pollute. People may bring other environmental hazards into your parking lot. Universal Site Services can clean up your lot before your debris ends up harming nature. 


  • Protect your customer and staff health & safety: Industrial sites may need even more specific hazardous substance management for their parking lot to protect customers, staff and the public. At Universal Site Services, we can help. Our sweepers stop chemicals from entering the storm drains. Plus, we use a regenerative air system that removes pollutants and non-polluting particles which help combat Riverside’s smog.  


  • Reduce littering: It may seem counter-intuitive, but people litter less when they are in a clean environment. Regular cleaning will help to lower your overall parking lot sweeping needs, as those who visit the lot become more conscious of their impact on the property. This social pressure is especially effective in residential parking lots where those moving in or out might be tempted to abandon their unwanted items when the lot is a mess. Or, where people would rather leave their trash in the lot than dispose of it properly. One bad tenant can spoil the parking lot for everyone else. Don’t let them. Get consistent parking lot sweeping instead.

Why Hire Someone Else To Sweep My Parking Lot?

Parking Lot Sweeper Truck along a parking lot curb

If you’re sold on the idea of parking lot sweeping, but you’re considering asking your staff to handle the problem, you may want to reconsider. We understand why this might be your first instinct. After all, your staff are already at your property, and they understand its needs, and they may even have cleaning equipment? So, why not? 

Well, there are many reasons that your own staff can’t be as thorough, efficient, or cost-effective as we can. Here are a few of the many reasons that investing in a professional for parking lot sweeping in Riverside is the right decision for almost all businesses and property owners: 

  • Consistency: Your staff already have a lot of things on their plate.  Chances are, if you add cleaning duties, they will consider it to be their lowest priority. What happens is that you ask staff to clean the lot daily or weekly, but their other duties get in the way. You end up with very inconsistent cleaning that reflects poorly on your business or property. 
  • Professional equipment: We have state-of-the-art equipment that provides a deeper clean, with much less environmental impact than the standard parking lot sweeping equipment you can find. If you have a reputation for being an environmentally-conscious company, you’ll want to have the best equipment. You could buy your own, but it is expensive. Besides, why invest in equipment that will be sitting idle most of the time? Universal Site Services has already bought high-end equipment for use on your property. 
  • Reduce costs:  Your staff have the skills to do what they do. Our staff have the skills to sweep parking lots, power wash, maintain landscaping, and much more. We work efficiently and don’t use up your cleaning supplies. As a result, it will often cost you less to hire us than to pay your own staff. 

Whose Parking Lot Can We Clean?

Universal Site Services can sweep a parking lot attached to many different building types, whether large or small, a clean parking lot in riverside, caincluding: 


  • Residential: We can handle apartment buildings, duplexes, and other residential 
  • Homeowners Associations: Universal Site Services is proud of the work we’ve been able to do for homeowner’s associations. 
  • Industrial: Your parking lot sees heavy use. Be sure it’s up to the task with Universal Site Services’ professional team. 
  • Commercial/Retail: Customers need to feel welcome and safe when they’re headed into your business. Parking lot sweeping 
  • Construction Lot Sweeping – Keep debris and materials from construction projects getting into the local environment.


While those are three general categories of customers we serve, we also have the capacity to provide parking lot sweeping for these businesses and clients: 

  • Government buildings
  • Offices 
  • Sports centers
  • Events and event companies
  • Recreational areas 

Day Porter Services In Riverside

Don’t just invest in parking lot sweeping. We offer day porter services that can give the exterior of your property the complete clean it needs. While our plan is fully customizable, our day porter services can include:

  • Day Porter in RiversideLitter removal
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and handpicking
  • Dumpster clean up and maintenance
  • Trash receptacle wipe down and maintenance
  • Customer and tenant interaction
  • Restroom maintenance
  • Clean up of spills
  • Change and reline trash receptacles
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Cobweb abatement
  • Window washing
  • Dusting mullions
  • Newspaper stand cleaning
  • Telephone booth cleaning
  • Painting
  • Reporting on day porter services

We are one of the oldest, most reliable day porter service providers in the area. Our experienced teams know how to do their job thoroughly and how to report back to you. When you work with us, you will be confident that your property is being maintained properly and you can focus on the many other things you need to do.

Why Choose Universal Site Services?

Hayward parking lot sweeping by Universal Site Services.

Your property is our priority. That’s what we say, but how do we back it up with action? Here are a few of the ways that Universal Site Services provides superior parking lot sweeping to Riverside:

  • We care about your environmental impact: You shouldn’t have to hurt the Earth when you’re trying to clean her up. Unlike other parking lot sweeping companies, we use vacuums that don’t pollute. Our sweeping vehicles also use less fuel than standard sweeper models. We want to do whatever we can to avoid contributing to Riverside’s smog problem. We will leave your air cleaner than when we arrived. Our regenerative air systems protect the air from any harmful pollutants that may be in your parking lot.
  • We adjust our services for your property: Every property is a little different, and we won’t try to fit yours into some cookie-cutter model. Choose the services you need, and only the services you need from our full suite of property maintenance services. Also, we adjust your parking lot sweeping plan to fit your property. Our knowledgeable staff have the experience to deal with any unusual circumstance we might stumble upon while sweeping your lot. We discover used needles, we find a lost tenant key, or we stumble upon another unusual circumstance, you can trust us to handle it.
  • We adjust for your budgetary needs: As our services are customizable, you can choose the right services for your property and keep it within your cleaning and maintenance budget.
  • We offer 24-hour emergency services: Have a sudden need for parking lot sweeping? Sometimes you can’t predict your cleaning needs. Perhaps a windstorm has brought another business’ trash to your lot, or you’ve been the target of graffiti. We can help anytime.
  • We handle your special events: Special events are always happening in Riverside. You may want to hold one of your own, or you may get a lot of traffic from a nearby event. Either way, you need flexible support to make sure that your parking lot is properly cleaned after such an event. Universal Site Services is ready to do your one-time cleaning in response to any event, whether planned or last-minute.
  • We clean when you want: We understand that you don’t want parking lot sweeping to interfere with your business or with your tenants’ enjoyment of the property. At Universal Site Services, our managers work shifts, so we have 24/7 coverage. If you want your parking lot swept at unusual times, such as 4:00 am or 9:00 pm, we can accommodate. We also have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and custom cleaning plans. We can clean as often, or as infrequently, as you like.

In the end, you should work with us at Universal Site Services because we guarantee our work. Our teams have the high-end equipment and proper training they need to give your property the best care and make a great impression on your clients or tenants. Your property is our priority.

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