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parking lot sweeping in petaluma CAWith half a decade of experience, Universal Site Services offers professional parking lot sweeping at an affordable rate. While you might not at first realize it, the parking lot plays a critical role in the first impressions your company makes on visitors.

You might be doing everything right inside of your office building, providing excellent customer service and products for your clients. But if the first thing they see when they arrive at your workplace is a dirty, clutter-filled parking lot, you’re doing something wrong.

Imagine, a potential first-time client is meeting you about a big upcoming deal. They arrive at the lot only to find it cluttered with empty coffee cups and scattered debris. Their initial impression is so far not going well, and by the time they enter the front door they’ve already started forming an opinion of you – and it’s not positive.

The first impression you make on a client bleeds through to the remainder of their transactions with you. Make a good first impression – call Universal Site Services today and let us keep your parking lot spick and span. You won’t have to give your parking lot a second thought when you have our professional crew handling it for you. We guarantee it.

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There’s Nothing We Can’t Handle

Want to know if we can help you keep your commercial property clean? Odds are we can. We service any and all parking lots, no matter how big or small. Our 24-hour and emergency services make us the obvious choice for your routine parking lot cleanups.

Why You Should Choose Universal Site Services:

  • We work with you to find a convenient time to clean
  • We service all parking lots, including parking garages
  • Our services include industrial and retail site locations
  • We also work with homeowners associations
  • We handle special events – call us today!

Parking Lot Sweeping With Green Thinking

Parking Lot Sweeping by Universal Site Services Bay AreaNot only do we care about keeping your place of business clean, but we care about the environment too. We use top of the line equipment that is also environmentally conscious. Our vacuums do not pollute the environment and our vehicles use less fuel than standard sweeper models. But that’s not all! By keeping your parking lot clean, we are actually helping to eliminate pollutants that would otherwise enter into the air and water supply. Oil and gas runoff from parked cars contributes to the wear and tear of the pavement but also has the chance of leaking into the air and water system near your building. Our vacuums suck up those pollutants and keep them from entering the air via our regenerative air systems, and our sweepers prevent liquids from washing into storm drains. By keeping your parking lot clean, we are also setting a good example for visitors by discouraging them from littering. It’s truly a win-win situation.

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