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Merced Parking Lot Sweeping

Your Property Is Our Priority With Parking Lot Sweeping In Merced

What can a better parking lot sweeper in Merced do for you? Protecting your property value, your business reputation and the health and safety of your staff and customers is much easier when you work with Universal Site Services.

Every member of our team takes pride in their work, which means that we offer more reliable and thorough parking lot sweeping, from people who really care.

Plus, as we offer every outdoor maintenance service you can think of, you won’t have to work with anyone else for key services like graffiti removal, day porter services, and landscape installation.

Discover our various services and how we can help your business be more successful below.

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Environmentally Friendly Parking Lot Sweeping

What does your parking lot say to your customers and tenants? Their first impression of your property should be positive, but when your lot is full of trash, needles, dirt, or is otherwise in bad condition, then you may undermine people’s impression of your business. Some people may decide that they’d rather not visit your location if it is unappealing. If you want to avoid this and make your property welcoming, starting with proper parking lot sweeping is smart. 

Plus, we don’t just offer basic sweeping. We have designed our whole business to make a lower environmental impact. Choosing us can help boost perception of your business as a responsible, ethical, and green company. Feel free to brag about us to your customers or let them see our work for themselves when they drop by. 

Here is how we focus on environmentally friendly parking lot maintenance: 

  • Equipment: We have been innovators in parking lot sweeping technology and we care about investing in new equipment that is environmentally friendly whenever possible, including choosing fuel-efficient engines and non-pollutant vacuum sweepers. 
  • Technique: We use smart sweeping techniques to prevent pollutants in your lot from being carried into our storm water system or to other water sources. 
  • Exhaust: We use sweepers that have regenerative air systems. These capture debris and pollutants instead of sending them back into your air space. 
  • Social impact: We can show you that when there is less litter and trash in your space, people feel more motivated to stop littering in your area, which helps keep your property cleaner overall.
  • Animals: When we clean a property, we often remove the trash and other issues that appeal to disease-carrying animals, reducing their presence on your property. 


Does this sound like the kind of green principles that align with your vision? We sweep more than just retail parking lots. Those who own or manages parking garages, large residential parking lots, industrial sites and more can trust us for sweeping services too. We work in Merced, but also throughout the western United States, so if you have multiple properties in other areas you can work with us for all of them.

We Also Offer Commercial Landscaping in Merced

image of a man mowing during a commercial landscaping in merced job

Being trash-free is just the start. If you want your parking lot and property as a whole to be appealing, it is wise to invest in a little green space. Wherever you currently have lawn, you can have low-maintenance landscaping features that aren’t too expensive or time-consuming to keep in good condition. They can help you appeal to customers, alter your brand perception, get more attention for key signs like monument signs, and make your space more beautiful. You can increase property value, help you make a better impression on the public at large, and uplift the mood of your staff. 

We have experienced commercial landscaping teams who can handle every aspect of your green space from designing and installing new features to maintaining them. Our landscaping services include: 

  • New landscaping and hardscaping installation
  • Plant selection 
  • Soil analysis and preparation 
  • Staking & guy-wiring  
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance  
  • Irrigation smart controllers 
  • Ground covers and drainage
  • Turf renovations 
  • Hydro seedings 
  • Flower bed maintenance 
  • Trimming and pruning 
  • Removal of dead trees and shrubs 
  • Weed control and removal 
  • Seasonal and perennial color changing 


Not sure which landscaping services would truly benefit you? Or which can work for your property? We have experience working with a large range of businesses and property types and can advise you. We’ve installed and maintained green spaces at industrial sites, large residential sites, parks, shopping centers and much more. 

We Service All Lot Types

If your property is going through a remodel or new construction your lot can become full of debris quick. We specialize in construction lot debris and will keep your lot free of issues and hazards.

Fairgrounds are full of fun, food, and unfortunately litter. This type of lot needs consistent sweeping in the off hours to make sure your attendees have a great time.

People love to spend all day at amusement parks, and no one is really a fan of the long walk back to the car. Take care of the side aside litter from tired patrons as soon as the park closes to keep the parking lot welcoming for tomorrow’s guests.

Sometimes a day of fun at the arena begins with a tailgate in the parking lot. Regular parking lot sweeping makes it so that you can keep up with fun and maintain a safe lot for everyone.

Debris and dirt seem to accumulate at a much faster rate in industrial lots. Rather than letting it sit, it is much more cost effective to have regular parking lot sweeping to get rid of the build-up before it gets to be too much.

When planning for a big event, like a banquet or wedding, sometimes we overlook the wear and tear that guests may bring to an area that is not used to welcoming a large number of guests. A good parking lot sweeping will ensure your property looks great before and after your event.

Homeowners associations help to create a sense of pride and community within a neighborhood. Maintain a welcoming community for all your members by keeping the streets clean all year round with regular parking lot sweeping.

If you have a type of lot not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly team is here to set you up with a custom site service solution.

Our Other Commercial Property Exterior Services


Over our long history in the community, we’ve expanded our services in order to be a one-stop shop for any exterior property maintenance service that our clients need. Along with our parking lot and commercial landscaping services we also offer: 

  • Pressure washing: We have the equipment and the expertise to use pressure washing to remove long standing stains and grime from any kind of surface on your property. That includes concrete, wood, glass, and more. 
  • Day porter services: We have flexible day porter services that can help you handle the maintenance needs of any property. Completely customize both your services and your schedule with us. 
  • Graffiti removal: We have special solutions that can make removing and then preventing graffiti much simpler. We can advise you as to how to prevent this issue.
  • COVID-19 disinfection: We can help you meet health requirements to disinfect the exterior of your property for COVID-19 or to just keep your property cleaner when you have reason to believe it needs disinfection. 

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We are among the oldest and most reliable sweeping companies in the business, but we are still family operated. Between our size and our personal care for our clients and our reputation, we are uniquely positioned to help anyone with parking lot sweeping in Merced. You can trust us to provide the most basic sweep, or the most detailed exterior property maintenance services that you need. 

Reach out to us today for any exterior property maintenance, including parking lot sweeping in Merced.