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Parking Lot Sweeping in Fullerton

Make The Right Impression With Parking Lot Sweeping in Fullerton

Your Fullerton property says a lot about your business. When customers can step out of their cars and see a beautiful, well-maintained and green property, they think better of your business. When they have to deal with potholes as they drive in, step over garbage, or see graffiti and other property issues, they think worse of your business, and perhaps second guess whether they should visit next time. Universal Site Services will ensure that no matter what happens on your property, it makes the

 good impression that you need it with parking lot sweeping in Fullerton. 

photo of empty lot after a parking lot sweeping in Fullerton job has been completed

We offer a wide range of services that can clean your property from top to bottom. Start with reliable, thorough, and environmentally friendly parking lot sweeping. Trust us with pressure washing to remove serious stains and dirt from many of the surfaces on your property. Or consider our day porter services to clean the custom elements of your property. We also have commercial landscaping and other services that your business can benefit from. Learn about our services and why you should work with us below.

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Why Invest in Professional Parking Lot Sweeping?

Plenty of companies offer parking lot sweeping in Fullerton that might meet your most basic needs: removing trash. But, soon you may find that your sweeper is inconsistent, miss sweep days, miss corners of your lot, and doesn’t offer the detailed services that you need to really keep your parking lot clean. When you choose Universal Site Services for parking lot sweeping, you’ll see the benefits of choosing dedicated, experienced professionals who have a reputation to uphold. Those benefits include: 

  • Save staff time: A more consistent and detailed cleaning from Universal Site Services will ensure that the parking lot is never your staff’s worry. Let them do the jobs they were trained for while we do the job that we were trained for. 
  • Lower your environmental impact: If you can’t handle them properly, oil and other spills on your property could have a negative impact on the environment, whether it’s the water supply or the green space next to you. We can handle spills properly and safely. 
  • Improved health and safety: Slips, falls and other accidents are more likely to occur in poorly maintained or dirty environments. When your sweepers go the extra mile to ensure things are clean, they also support your safety efforts and reduce your liability. 
  • Perceived cleanliness: You likely work hard to keep the interior of your building clean and sanitary, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which made many customers more concerned about how clean your property is. Show them you take it seriously with as clean an outside as inside. 
  • Reduced maintenance costs: A property that is well maintained develops fewer major problems from potholes to graffiti. Our diligent attention can lower your overall maintenance costs.

Keep Your Building Looking Fresh With Commercial Pressure Washing

commercial pressure washing in Fullerton ca by universal site services on a multi story building

There are just some areas of your property that you can’t clean. They collect dirt and grime more than others, and often go uncleaned for years. You may be surprised at how much better your property looks after you pressure wash off surfaces. Plus, gross areas like nearby dumpsters can be made much safer and more palatable for staff with a quick pressure wash. 

We have the equipment to safely clean these surfaces with a pressure washer:

  • Windows
  • Gutters
  • Drains
  • Building exteriors 
  • Parking garages
  • Dumpster areas 
  • Stairwells
  • Walkways 

Why not just handle the pressure washing yourself? Choosing, buying and storing the equipment is a hassle for many businesses with limited storage space and little property maintenance knowledge. We have already invested in pressure washing equipment and can save you the hassle of maintaining it. 

Plus, there is some element of risk with all pressure washing. You need the right pressure and techniques to keep your property and the people on it safe. We have highly trained staff who know how to use the pressure washer without damaging your property or injuring anyone. You’ll get the deep clean that your property needs to be restored to its original condition, without the high cost, liability or maintenance needs of owning the pressure washing equipment yourself.

Smarter Day Porter Services Keep Your Property Running Clean

What does your property really need? Not all Day Porter Services take your property’s unique nature into account. Instead, they offer packages with many services that you don’t need–but which you’re still paying for. We offer smarter day porter services that you can customize completely, to fit your unique needs. We offer a huge suite of specialized services that you can choose from, including:

  • Bathroom maintenance 
  • Cleaning and handpicking 
  • Disinfection 
  • Spill clean up 
  • Change and reline trash cans
  • Trash can maintenance and wipe down
  • Dumpster maintenance and clean up 
  • Window washing 
  • Cobweb clean up 
  • Graffiti clean up 
  • Dustin mullions 
  • Newspaper stand cleaning 
  • Telephone booth cleaning 
  • Painting 
  • Reports 

Don’t forget that you can also completely customize how often you get our Day Porter Services. You can get them just once after a big event, every day during your busy season, weekly year-round, or on any other schedule that makes sense for you. We’ll give your reports detailing what we’ve done and what condition your property is in now.

If your property is going through a remodel or new construction your lot can become full of debris quick. We specialize in construction lot debris and will keep your lot free of issues and hazards.

Debris and dirt seem to accumulate at a much faster rate in industrial lots. Rather than letting it sit, it is much more cost effective to have regular parking lot sweeping to get rid of the build-up before it gets to be too much.

When planning for a big event, like a banquet or wedding, sometimes we overlook the wear and tear that guests may bring to an area that is not used to welcoming a large number of guests. A good parking lot sweeping will ensure your property looks great before and after your event.

Homeowners associations help to create a sense of pride and community within a neighborhood. Maintain a welcoming community for all your members by keeping the streets clean all year round with regular parking lot sweeping.

If you have a type of lot not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly team is here to set you up with a custom site service solution.

Make Your Location Inviting To All With Commercial Landscaping

mowing the green space of a commercial landscaping job by universal site servicesSure, it’s clean, but is your property green? We offer commercial landscape design, installation and maintenance. A new green area can elevate the look of your property, help draw in new customers and boost perception of your brand. We can keep it looking good too!

Why Choose Universal Site Services For Parking Lot Sweeping in Fullerton and More?

We have a long and storied history in California as a major player in the parking lot sweeping industry. We’ve grown to offer more services, using the best equipment, to serve our customers better. Reach out to us for your parking lot sweeping in Fullerton questions and needs. Our friendly and professional team is ready to put a custom plan together for you so we can handle this for you and you can focus on what you do best.