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How do you prevent clutter, keep seagulls away, and make your business property a more appealing place for customers? At Universal Site Services we provide everything that you need to make your property more than just clean, but a stand-out location that needs less upkeep and maintenance. We offer parking lot sweeping in Chatsworth as well as a full fleet of property services. 

Benefits of Parking Lot Maintenance

Chatsworth Parking Lot SweeperWhy get more consistent, complete parking lot maintenance from Universal Site Services? We can benefit your business in many different ways. Here are just some of the ways that a cleaner, better maintained parking lot will be better for your business: 

  • Prevent pests: Seagulls, rodents, squirrels, and other animals are attracted to property that has trash, and litter, especially if they happen to be food sources of good nesting material. Regular professional parking lot maintenance can prevent pests from hanging around your property. This keeps it in better condition, reduces the need for expensive pest services and makes customers more comfortable.  
  • Prevent further littering: A property that is more consistently clean will see less litter. People are less likely to drop their trash on the ground if there is no trash already there. The same principle can deter graffiti. Once someone marks your wall, then it will quickly collect more, unless you get it cleaned quickly.  
  • Welcome customers: People prefer to visit businesses that have clean properties that they can feel comfortable visiting. Keep trash and other dirt under control will help customers feel more confident visiting your property. 
  • Improve business perception: Customers will also be impressed that you have begun to take better care of your property. Quality parking lot maintenance can help you improve your business reputation, or maintain a good one. 
  • Reduce costs: A parking lots that is cleaned more frequently will rake up less in maintenance costs. You will need to fix your asphalt less often, you may develop fewer potholes, etc. 
  • Promote health and safety: A clean parking lot is likely to spread germs or cause trip and fall accidents. You can reduce your liability by better maintaining your parking lot. 
  • Protect the environment: If your business has a reputation as a green company, it is absolutely essential to keep your parking lot clean. You prevent letting trash blow into the environment. You can also clean up spills and motor oil leaks before they have a chance to impact the environment. 

Our services go beyond just parking lot sweeping in Chatsworth. They include commercial landscaping that can make your property wow-worthy, without requiring much water or maintenance. We also offer flexible, custom day porter services that can address your property’s unique cleaning needs, whether it is washing windows, cleaning dumpsters, removing graffiti or disinfecting to reduce the spread of germs. Discover our full services below and how they can benefit you.

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Get A Deeper Clean With Day Porter Services

Simple parking lot cleaning in Chatsworth may not be enough to keep your property clean. This is especially true if you run a restaurant with outdoor dining, you have a very large parking lots, you hold festivals and public events, or you are in a tourist or high-traffic area. Our Day Porter Services can help you clean up during your busy season or year-round. 

Here are some of the specific services we can compete:

  • Litter removal 
  • Bathroom maintenance 
  • Cleaning and handpicking 
  • Disinfection 
  • Spill clean up 
  • Change and reline trash cans
  • Trash can maintenance and wipe down
  • Dumpster maintenance and clean up 
  • Window washing 
  • Cobweb clean up 
  • Graffiti clean up 
  • Dustin mullions 
  • Newspaper stand cleaning 
  • Telephone booth cleaning 
  • Painting 
  • Reports 

As you can see, our team of dedicated cleaning experts can handle essentially any outdoor cleaning issue you have. While your staff may be reluctant to clean out dumpsters, we are not. We already have access to the best equipment to clean graffiti and disinfect outdoor surfaces, so you don’t have to invest in them. Plus, when we clean your space, your staff will have time to focus on what they do best, so your business can thrive. 

Our day porter in Chatsworth services are completely flexible. You could use them every day, month, or year and only get the services that your specific property needs. It’s a cost-effective way to keep your property truly clean without troubling your staff or investing in cleaning equipment.

Stand out with Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping Edging in ChatsworthOne of the other ways that Universal Site Services stands out is by offering landscape design, installation, and maintenance services. Your space should be beautiful and practical to invite customers in. It’ll also improve your reputation. 

Businesses have different needs for their commercial landscaping in Chatsworth design. You may want something that is as low-maintenance as possible while still looking great and appealing to customers. Or, depending on your brand image, you may be more concerned with getting something dramatic, sustainable, or unique. We can create the right design for your branding purposes. And, we can also provide the maintenance services that will keep it looking good year after year.

Why Choose Universal Site Services?

Why should you choose Universal Site Services for parking lot sweeping in Chatsworth, or for your other outdoor maintenance needs? Our team offers the most detail-oriented and comprehensive services. We always attune our work to your specific property, which means you get a great clean every time. There are many ways we stand out from other property cleaning companies, including:

  • Professional equipment, including latest environmentally-sound options
  • Custom, detail-oriented work that account for changes in your property
  • Reasonable prices that help you reduce your costs
  • Consistent services that make your life more convenient 
  • Reduce your environmental impact 
  • Get 24/hour emergency service 


We have the know-how and equipment to offer parking lot and other exterior cleaning services for a wide range of businesses, including government properties, offices, event properties, large residential properties and a huge range of commercial properties.

Reach out to us today to get parking lot maintenance in Chatsworth.