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Parking Lot Sweeping in Chula Vista

Custom Parking Lot Sweeping In Chula Vista To Fit Your Needs

The exterior of your property may not seem as important as the interior, and the condition of your parking lot may seem even less important. However, both are critical to the perception of your business, and the health and safety of your property. It makes sense that keeping your property clean with parking lot sweeping in Chula Vista.

The team at Universal Site Services can help. We have over six decades of experience offering on site solutions for commercial, retail, industrial, construction, municipal, and other properties. 

We pride ourselves in offering:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction in Any Job Big or Small
  • Fully Trained and Experienced Professional Teams
  • The Most Advanced Technology and Reliable Equipment In The Business
  • Continuous Advancements By Our Capable and Robust Management Team


Along with parking lot sweeping we offer commercial property upkeep, including landscaping, pressure washing, day porter services and much more.

Discover how we can help you overcome your property’s challenges below. 

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Why We Are The First Choice For Parking Lot Sweeping in Chula Vista.

Where you invest in your business and its operations matters. So, why invest in professional parking lot sweeping? It isn’t just an essential service that can keep your property healthy and beautiful. It can also reduce your costs in other ways and bring additional benefits. Here are some of the problems that Universal Site Services can help you with:  

  • Staff don’t have time to clean: When you rely on your staff to clean the lot you run into a few problems. They may not have the training, time, will, or equipment to clean the lot properly. You can save yourself management problems and get the lot cleaned faster, deeper, and more consistently when you hire professional health. 
  • There are health and safety risks: Much of the trash that people leave behind in your lot may be a health and safety risk. General trash can be tripping hazards, can attract pest, spur mold growth, or decompose. Never mind more specific health hazards like discarded sharps or hygiene products. 
  • Customers are turning away: A mess on your property can turn away customers, who would rather patronize a competitor which looks cleaner and feels safer. One of the problems here is that you might not notice your lot is turning people away. Seek feedback from old customers who have stopped arriving, or just clean up your lot and see if things improve. 
  • Your property is creating environmental impact: Debris, oil and spills in your lot can end up polluting local water sources and harming local wildlife, which can also end up impacting your reputation. If your company cares about being green, professional clean up of these hazards is a must. 
  • Your maintenance costs are high: Your lot will always require some maintenance. But, investing in sweeping can keep your other maintenance needs lower. Develop fewer cracks and potholes, and protect your lot from water erosion, by cleaning away debris that retains water. 
  • Your business reputation is suffering: No business benefits from the perception that their property is in disarray, or that the lot is unsafe. Keeping your lot cleaner can help boost your reputation and force other companies nearby to keep their property cleaner too, which can help the whole neighborhood. 


Choose us over other parking lot sweeping companies and you’ll see greater benefits. Our teams are always consistent, don’t miss days, don’t miss spots in the lot, and are committed to following-through on every aspect of your maintenance. 

Chula Vista Commercial Property Landscaping

image of a mowed lawn from commercial property landscaping in chula vista

While residential landscaping companies are a dime a dozen, it seems like there are far fewer commercial landscaping companies, and even fewer who care about doing more than the bare minimum.

At Universal Site Services, we saw a need for detailed commercial landscaping services, including design and installation, so we developed an expert team to accomplish it.

We now design creative, lush green spaces for commercial properties that can enhance your brand in many ways. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Foot traffic: Better landscaping is more appealing and makes a better impression on people. They prefer to visit places which look well-maintained, and which catch their eye. You want people to find joy in visiting you and that starts with your lawn. 
  • Business reputation: The best companies don’t just have green lawns. You can enhance your business reputation, deepen your brand identity and make a bigger impression on people. 
  • Environment: Is supporting the environment part of your brand mission? Choosing native, drought-tolerant, or ecologically valuable plant species can help support native insect and wildlife. Not to mention that these plants are typically lower maintenance. 
  • Property value: This is as true is commercial property maintenance as residential: landscaping can make your property more attractive for potential buyers or potential tenants, raising its overall value. 

We Service Specialty Lots and Locations

If your property is going through a remodel or new construction your lot can become full of debris quick. We specialize in construction lot debris and will keep your lot free of issues and hazards.

Fairgrounds are full of fun, food, and unfortunately litter. This type of lot needs consistent sweeping in the off hours to make sure your attendees have a great time.

People love to spend all day at amusement parks, and no one is really a fan of the long walk back to the car. Take care of the side aside litter from tired patrons as soon as the park closes to keep the parking lot welcoming for tomorrow’s guests.

Sometimes a day of fun at the arena begins with a tailgate in the parking lot. Regular parking lot sweeping makes it so that you can keep up with fun and maintain a safe lot for everyone.

Debris and dirt seem to accumulate at a much faster rate in industrial lots. Rather than letting it sit, it is much more cost effective to have regular parking lot sweeping to get rid of the build-up before it gets to be too much.

When planning for a big event, like a banquet or wedding, sometimes we overlook the wear and tear that guests may bring to an area that is not used to welcoming a large number of guests. A good parking lot sweeping will ensure your property looks great before and after your event.

Homeowners associations help to create a sense of pride and community within a neighborhood. Maintain a welcoming community for all your members by keeping the streets clean all year round with regular parking lot sweeping.

If you have a type of lot not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly team is here to set you up with a custom site service solution.

More Services Mean We Can Be Your All In One Solution

image of uss parking low sweeping in chula vista truck cleaning a retail lot

We are your single stop for any of the outdoor maintenance services that you might need for your commercial property. We offer much more than parking lot sweeping and landscaping. Our other services include:


  • Pressure washing: What do you do about long-standing stains that keep worsening on your property? Pressure washing is an excellent option. You might be surprised at what your property looks like beneath all of the grime. Our staff have the equipment and training to pressure wash both tough and delicate surfaces, from glass and wood to concrete and brick. 
  • Day porter services: When the festival rolls through town, how do you keep things clean? Day porter services are a smart option for one-time or regular property exterior cleaning. Our completely custom services can include everything from changing trash bags and cleaning restrooms to to performing maintenance. 
  • Graffiti removal: You don’t need to deal with graffiti. We have special prevention solutions that can keep taggers from returning even after the wall is clean. 

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