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Palo Alto Parking Lot Sweeping

Palo Alto Parking Lot Sweeping services will keep your property cleanFor decades now, we’ve heard politicians promise us that they would do everything they could to keep Palo Alto’s streets clean. Here at Universal Site Services, we have been keeping their literal street cleaning promise for decades.  Since 1958 we have worked in Silicon Valley, sweeping parking lots, and providing all manner of property maintenance services. Not only do we sweep parking lots in Palo Alto and San Jose, but also places as far as Phoenix and Reno.  

Built around principles of loyalty and reliability, founder Leonard J. Vella did everything in his power to make sure all of his customers’ streets and parking lots were kept clean.

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Payoff From Investing In A Palo Alto Parking Lot Sweeping Service

Our community is full of people who made the right investment at the right time. Home to the headquarters of companies like Hewlett-Packard and SAP, here in Palo Alto we are always looking for a smart investment.

Investing in a sweeping service not only pays dividends to you, but also the community.

Palo Alto Parking Lot Sweepers work before visitors get to your business.As a customer of parking lot sweeping service in Palo Alto, you will enjoy a parking lot clean from oil splotches, dirt, and litter. Our sweepers literally pick up dirt and debris from your parking lot, leaving it clean and polished.

A clean parking lot may seem like a small aspect of your business, but your parking lot is actually the first impression most of your customers will have with your business.

Customers will easily be able to tell if you run a clean organized business, or if your business cuts corners and runs things a little sloppy.

At Universal Site Services we know how important the exterior of your business is, so we also help businesses in Palo Alto with pressure washing, day porter services, landscaping services, and graffiti removal.

Investing in a Palo Alto parking lot sweeping service also helps our community by keeping things safe and clean.

Our sweeping services remove the oil, dirt and litter that typically attract rodents or end up storm drains. At Universal Site Services we also use equipment that keeps dirty air from being released again into the environment.

Our non-pollutant vacuum sweepers and fuel-saving vehicles are a further testament we care about the communities we serve. By keeping your business area clean and environmentally safe you encourage other businesses to do the same.

A Parking Lot Sweeping Service Palo Alto Can Trust

With more than 55 years of sweeping and cleaning experience, we are the always the right fit for the job. We know that when we are entrusted with a Palo Alto parking lot sweeping job, we are entrusted with keeping a business in business. We are committed to keeping your business clean, any time of day, and every day of the year.

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