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Gina Vella and Joseph Vella

Gina Vella and Joseph Vella, the family duo, have collaborated to advance the vision of their father — Leonard J. Vella. Their father believed that the success of USS is derived by the principles of loyalty, reliability, and a solid work ethic. Since 1998, the family duo have grown their customer base by staying loyal to their faithful clients by providing customized maintenance programs. Because our services help clients manage their properties more effectively, clients choose USS for their property maintenance. At USS, customer service is more than just another corporate department — it defines the way we practice business. The way that you are treated matters greatly to us; we believe that care and compassion should be driving each interaction with you, from incoming calls with a receptionist to detailed meetings with developers and product managers.

Owners of Universal Site Services in front of a sweeping truck.

With 60 years of industry experience, USS has established a pillar of quality, professionalism, and reliability. Because we understand the hard work of operating a business, we will work through the night and into the day to complete any job. USS is dedicated to implement the following:Universal Site Services Street Sweeper in Phoenix

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Trained and experienced personnel
  • Advanced technology and reliable equipment
  • capable and robust management team

Our devotion to a solid work ethic has driven us to lead the industry. We are in a mission to give you the most comprehensive property maintenance programs. Call us today at 1–800–647–9337 to give us an opportunity to serve your needs.

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