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Los Angeles Parking Lot Sweeping

Why Choose Universal Site Services For Parking Lot Sweeping in Los Angeles

There might be other parking lot sweepers you’ve heard about, but none of them compare to what Universal Site Services has to offer. We don’t just provide you with excellent, reliable services – we also provide you with the other half of the equation: outstanding customer service. When you call us, you’ll talk to a certified customer service representative. They’ll answer your questions, schedule your appointments, and make you wish that all of your other service providers were as friendly and courteous. Why Choose Us?
  • Reliable technicians
  • High-quality customer service
  • Professional service
  • Sweeping for all kinds of spaces
  • Customizable schedules
  • Eco-friendly sweepers
  • Fuel-efficient vehicles
For the best parking lot sweeper in LA, call Universal Site Services today!

Small Lots To Big Complexes – We Got You Covered

As Los Angeles continues to grow, we are ready to expand with it. We offer parking lot sweeping in LA as well as other property maintenance services. Regardless of the size of your lot, we can work with you to put together the best maintenance plan that works for you and your budget. Whether your lot draws a lot of foot traffic or is off the beaten path, our trucks are equipped with everything we might need to keep your building looking great. Better yet, we work within your schedule. Contact us to schedule our team to clean up during or after high traffic times of day, or early in the morning before anyone arrives. Even if you only require clean up services after a construction or remodeling upgrade, Universal Site Services is committed to offering you the best service at a fair price.

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Professional Landscaping Services You Can Trust

Lush greenery or colorful flowers can help anyone feel good. Liven up your building with customized landscaping. Business parks can have a reputation for being dreary and boring. Our team can determine the best foliage to bring some color to your parking lot.

We have years of experience with starting a new landscape design from scratch or making adjustments to make an existing landscape look so much better. Maintenance does not have to be a worry as our services include irrigation, trimming, and pruning.

image of commercial property landscapingProperty Services To Showcase LA’s Best

Universal Site Services specializes in more than just parking lot sweeping. A clean parking lot can get you far, but there are other things to consider to keep your property looking its best. For more intense cleaning jobs, our team can come out with a pressure washer to clean away dirt beyond the surface.

From windows to gutter cleaning, we can handle any job needed to make your property look its best. When you are a property manager or running a business, your day can be busy from sun up to sun down. Let us take some of the hard work off your plate and have your outside exterior looking great.

Proudly Serving The Los Angeles Area

Part of what makes LA such a unique place is that it is connected to cities and neighborhoods all over southern California. People from all over flock to the LA area to live in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. You can find anything you could possibly need from gorgeous beaches to frantic city living. Universal Site Services is honored to serve cities all over the Los Angeles area including:

  • Santa Monica
    • Considered a must-see city for visitors, Santa Monica is an iconic part of the LA area. Universal Site Services is standing by to assist Santa Monica residents and business with expert level parking lot sweeping.
  • Venice Beach
    • As one of the busiest beaches in North America, Venice Beach brings a lot of traffic to the LA area. With the traffic comes dirt, dust, and sand that can cause problems if left to fester. Let Universal Site Services assist in keeping Venice Beach clean and inviting.
  • Long Beach
    • Long Beach is one of the most welcoming cities in California. Trust in Universal Site Services to make parking lots look their best and help maintain a safe and eco-friendly environment.
  • Hollywood
    • People say that the streets are paved with gold in Hollywood. Universal Site Services wants to take care of Hollywood’s shining streets. Our parking lot sweeping services are customized to fit your needs even in the most delicately paved areas.

The Benefits Of Parking Lot Sweeping

Want to know how regular parking lot sweeping can help you? There are many benefits that parking lot sweeping can offer your business. From a better-looking parking lot to a space that is free of tripping and slipping hazards, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our services. Regular parking lot sweeping in Los Angeles will improve the look of your building and deliver a great first impression.

Your building’s overall presentation will have a more inviting feel that will let people know that they are welcome. In addition, people will be safe as any tripping hazards or dangerous trash and debris can be taken care of before an incident occurs. While the aesthetics of your building are important, it is just as crucial to keep the environment in mind.

A clean parking lot helps the environment by discouraging littering and helps to keep air and water clean. Even our parking lot sweeping trucks are environmentally friendly and do not put harmful pollutants back into the atmosphere as we are sweeping.

  • Los Angeles parking lot sweeping service by Universal SIte ServicesImproves the look of your building
  • Helps the environment
  • Puts off a great first impression
  • Removes tripping hazards
  • Discourages littering
  • Deters rodents and wildlife
  • Keeps air and water clean

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Since we are so dedicated to serving our customers, we want to hear from you so that we can best serve you. Give us a call at 1-800-647-9337 to chat with our customer service representatives. Together, we can plan out the best services to fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Parking Lot Sweeping In LA And Beyond

We aren’t just parking lot sweepers in LA – we also offer our services to the surrounding cities. Check out our list of regularly serviced areas below: Call today for a no-obligation quote (800) 647-9337 Leonard with Original Sweeper