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Lodi Parking Lot Sweeping

Full Service Parking Lot Sweeping in Lodi For All Types Of Lots

Clean, beautiful, and refreshing. Is that the impression that your customers get when they step onto your property? They should, and we can help you make that better first impression. Universal Site Services  offers parking lot sweeping in Lodi as well as a full suite of  professional commercial property upkeep services that you need. 

Decades Of Experience Makes A Difference

There are other companies in Lodi that will offer basic parking lot sweeping that removes trash. However, you might find that these other companies are inconsistent, skip days, miss the corners of your lots, and don’t offer the services that you need to really keep your location clean and inviting. 

When you work with Universal Site Services for your parking lot sweeping in Lodi needs, you’ll get the benefits of a higher level of service that makes your property, our priority.

We’re dedicated, reliable, and innovative to ensure your location is not only clean but we also keep an eye out on any exterior deterioration like signs of potholes, chipped or faded paint, and other small warning signs that if left unfixed will become costly repairs down the road.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you choose us:

  • Perceived cleanliness: You likely put in a great deal of effort to keep the inside of your property clean and up to health codes. But what impression does the outside of your building give? If people feel like your property is unclean when they walk up, they may not even step foot inside. 
  • Improve health and safety: There can be various health and safety concerns in parking lots but getting professional cleans can mitigate them. You reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, exposure to sharps, and injuries when you get a professional clean. 
  • Save staff time: Do your staff current perform some or all of your exterior property maintenance? Chances are they do not have the equipment or the training to accomplish this efficiently. Get your staff more time to complete their other tasks and let the professionals handle the cleaning. 
  • Improve environmental impact: Spills and debris on your property can seriously impact the local environment, especially if they are not cleaned up and disposed of properly. We can help you limit your environmental impact. We also use green cleaners and cleaning equipment, so you can feel even more confident that your company is making as little impact on the environment as possible. 
  • Reduce maintenance costs: A parking lot that has been properly maintained will need fewer repairs, fewer pothole fixes, and fewer of the advanced services that we use to recover parking lot condition. You may even be surprised to find that people litter in your lot less–because they now know you care about keeping it clean. 

We offer regular parking lot sweeping services that can get you these benefits and we offer sweeping for special events. When you need a bit more than your average clean, and know that a festival, fair, farmer’s market, or other special event will be happening on your property, book us for a one-time parking lot sweep.image of a parking lot sweeping in lodi job being performed by universal site services

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Commercial Property Services Have You Covered

We offer many other commercial property maintenance services that can make your property cleaner, safe and more appealing for your customers. That includes:

  • Graffiti removal: We have the right products to remove and prevent graffiti. 
  • COVID-19 disinfecting: We can disinfect surfaces to provide a safer environment. 
  • Day porter services: Explore our customizable, through day porter options. 
  • Landscape design and maintenance: Read more on this below. 
  • Pressure washing: Read more on this below. 

We’ve been at the forefront of commercial property maintenance since our company’s inception. 

We continue to offer top-quality services that reflect the best technology available in commercial property maintenance today.

Get It All Done With Commercial Property Landscaping

We have the expertise to design lush green spaces for retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing plants and any other commercial or large residential building. A new green space can add beauty and function to your property, helping to raise your brand’s profile in the community. Or it may provide customers, staff, or residents with a space to enjoy. Whatever your goals are for your green space, we can give you a design that will accomplish them. 

Once we have your landscaping installed, we can also provide the regular maintenance it needs to stay lush and keep making that great impression. Our team offers reliable, thorough landscaping maintenance with an eye for the long-term health of the space. We’ll help you determine when fertilizing, watering, and other essential tasks should be completed to keep the greenery vibrant all year. 

Hassle-Free Commercial Pressure Washing

When you’re doing it yourself, pressure washing doesn’t always live up to your expectations. You might see videos online of people very simply cleaning off any outdoor surface with a pressure washer, but much more goes into it than just pointing and cleaning. 

You have to choose the right equipment and nozzles, follow safety procedures, and ensure that your pressure washer isn’t going to damage the material you’re cleaning. At Universal Site Services, we already have the excellent equipment and knowledge we need to clean your outdoor surfaces. We can pressure wash:

  • Windowsuniversal site services worker performing pressure washing in lodi at a cafe
  • Awnings
  • Gutters
  • Stairwells
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Dumpster areas
  • Drive Thru’s
  • Storefronts 
  • And more 

A single pressure washing session can remove long-term stains. We use an industrial grade washer that can achieve 3500 PSI and uses hot water, which allows us to remove all kinds of stains. More regular pressure washing will keep dirt, grime, mold and algae from building up on your property. It will stay cleaner and it will stay in better condition, requiring less repairs.

Getting Started With Parking Lot Sweeping in Lodi is Easy

universal site services lot sweeping truck

If you are interested in parking lot sweeping, commercial landscaping, pressure washing, day porter services or any other exterior service then contact us now to learn more about how we can benefit you.

We think it’s essential that your customers feel safe on your property, and that the quality of your property reflects the quality of your brand. That’s why we offer consistent, personalized and reliable property maintenance from well-trained and dedicated staff. 

Universal Site Services is ready to handle all of your exterior property needs, including parking lot sweeping, in Lodi. Reach out to us today to get started.