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Parking Lot Sweeping In Walnut Creek, CA

Are you looking for a Walnut Creek parking lot sweeper? Universal Site Services can help keep your parking lot squeaky clean with our state of the art vacuum sweepers and professional cleaning crew.

A clean parking lot is the first step toward leaving a great impression for prospective employees, patrons, and partners. Make the right choice by letting us sweep your parking lot. Start leaving a great impression today – call Universal Site Services now!

Did you know that our vehicles are eco-friendly? By allowing us to sweep your Walnut Creek parking lot, you’re helping to eliminate oils and other toxic chemicals before they are washed into our water supply during the next rainfall. Our vacuums are also non-polluting, removing dust and debris before it enters into the air. When you Invest in a clean parking lot, you’re investing in a cleaner environment.

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Why Choose Us

Universal Site Services is a trusted parking lot sweeper in Walnut Creek, having served the community for years. Aside from a solid track record and years of experience, our lot sweeping services also provide a host of benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

Universal Site Services maintains a parking lot in Walnut Creek, CA

  • Remove litter and garbage
  • Deter loitering and vandalism
  • Deter seagulls and pigeons
  • Remove potholes and other slipping hazards
  • Keep pollutants from entering our air and water
  • Put forth a positive image for employees and customers


Universal Site Services offers flexible cleaning schedules to fit your business’s needs. We offer bi-annual, quarterly, and weekly sweeping plans, but can always create a custom schedule that best fits your parking lot’s needs. Call today to schedule your first parking lot sweeping service in Walnut Creek!


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