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Universal Site Services Parking Lot Sweeping In Reno

The professionals at Universal Site Services can help you keep your Reno parking lot spotless and your landscape shining. Your Reno, NV parking lot sweeping needs to look clean and professional at all times. Let us handle that for you. We’re the choice of smart businesses throughout Reno and northern Nevada. Since 1958 we’ve been providing top notch property maintenance and parking lot sweeping services. We do everything from parking lot repairs and repainting to window washing and trash pick up in Reno. Call today to schedule a service, get a bid, or talk to a representative about all the ways we can help.


Who Do We Serve?

You’ll find our Reno master cleaning teams serving:Power Washing Service in Reno

  • Business campuses and complexes
  • Retail centers and shopping malls
  • Apartments and residential complexes
  • City centers & municipalities
  • Neighborhoods & HOAs
  • Industrial sites & construction sites

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Full Service Property Solutions

Universal site services is proud to offer:

  • Parking lot & street sweeping
  • Sign repair & installation
  • Parking lot striping
  • Concrete repair & installation
  • Minor asphalt repair
  • On-Site porter services
  • Janitorial services
  • Exterior Deep Cleaning
  • Landscape architecture & upkeep
  • Window washing
  • Vacancy cleanouts
  • Trash hauling
  • Trash Can Cleaning and Emptying
  • Interior & exterior painting


Don’t see an item on the list, call us. We do just about anything maintenance-related. You’ll never know if we’re the right choice if you don’t make that call! We also have a variety of other services including pressure washing, landscaping service, day porters, graffiti removal, special event parking lot sweeping and any other on-site property service needs you may need.

Commercial Pressure Washing In Reno

Over time every lot and location will build up dirt, grime, and other stuck-on debris that regular sweeping and cleaning just can’t take of.

When it’s time for that deeper clean our pressure washer in Reno team is ready to answer your call. We are fully equipped to handle any size building or lot for a thorough clean that will also refresh and rejuvenate your exterior building.

All of our cleaning supplies are safe for any type of material as well as the local environment. Depending on what type of gunk we’ll need to remove and where it’s located we will adjust to the best type of cleaning solution and materials to get the job done right the first time and as quickly as possible. We can handle sidewalks, walkways, trails, parking lots, exterior walls, equipment like carts, and outside signage as well.

While we do offer this service on demand many of our customers enjoy the reliability of regular service.

We will help you choose a plan that will provide regular deep pressure washing cleans to keep your property looking brand new, but also stay within your budget and frequency needs.


Custom Commercial Landscaping Service In Reno

Your property’s landscape is something that can really make a difference in how your visitors and customers see you. A good landscape should be inviting make being at your location something that is comfortable. At the same time, it should also work to reduce erosion, deter pests, and provide shade to reduce energy costs. If your location is in need of a landscaping service in Reno overhaul then look no further than Universal Site Services.

We have decades of experience creating full landscape design options that are a great fit for Reno. We’ll work with you to create any type of landscape that your desire. From large intricate installations to smaller designs with easy upkeep. On top of design, we also offer the best and most comprehensive landscape upkeep service in the industry.

When you put your commercial landscape in Reno in our hands, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of and keep in great and healthy shape. From irrigation, trimming, pruning, planting, mowing, mulch, and more.

Whatever your landscape entails we will provide great service. The best part is that with us we can provide all exterior services you could ever need with one invoice. No need to track down different providers for parking lot sweeping, day porters, landscape, and pressure washing. We do it all!

Choose Us For Parking Lot Sweeping Service In Reno

Parking Lot Sweeping Service in Reno, NVUniversal Site Services began in 1958 as San Jose Commercial Sweeping Services. Our founder, Leonard J. Vella, did more to revolutionize the parking lot sweeping industry than anyone else in the southwest. His innovative spirit is continued by his children, Gina and Joe Vella. They strive to run Universal Site Services with the same enthusiasm and dedication as their father.

With a relentless pursuit of providing the perfect customer experience, Universal Site Services has gained a following including some of the largest companies in the country. If we’re good enough for them, we’re good enough for you. Call us right now to get your landscape looking its best 365 days a year.