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Parking Lot Sweeping In Pleasanton, CA

parking lot sweeping services in Pleasanton, CAAre you looking for a surefire way to impress clients, improve employee morale, and maintain your company’s good reputation? What if we told you that keeping a clean parking lot was the first step? At Universal Site Services, we help companies every day in maintaining a spotless, positive image.

The first thing your customers see before entering your building is the condition of the parking lot. Do you want them to see graffiti, bird droppings, and tons of potholes or other tripping hazards? We didn’t think so.

Our parking lot sweepers will help you to maintain a clean, presentable parking lot to impress clients and leave a lasting good first impression. Call Universal Site Services today for parking lot sweeping in Pleasanton, CA.

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Eco-Friendly Parking Lot Sweepers

Our parking lot sweepers in Pleasanton are environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. We use non-polluting vacuum sweepers to ensure that no harmful particles escape into the air while we give your parking lot a makeover. Our sweepers also help to eliminate trash and remove oils and other debris from the surface of your parking lot, which means they all go into our sweeping vehicles instead of out into our water supply.

Our technicians not only care about giving you the best bang for your buck but also about maintaining responsible environmental practices while doing so.

Any Service, Any Site, No Matter The Size

We offer a wide variety of services designed to help your business to stay in business.Universal Site Services Provides pressure washing services in Pleasanton, CA.

  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Pressure washing
  • Property maintenance
  • Day porter services
  • Pot hole removal
  • Landscaping services
  • Commercial and industrial sweeping
  • And more

We sweep any kind of parking lot, large or small, for any industry:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Retail centers
  • Office spaces
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Event centers

We make sure to find out a sweeping schedule that works best for your individual needs. If you are operating in a high-traffic area, we’ll recommend more frequent sweeping visits. If you are a smaller company that’s tucked away from busy streets, we can come less frequently. Whether you require weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sweeping services, we are the ones to help you keep your Pleasanton parking lot clean. Call us if you have any special events planned, too, and we’ll schedule a one-time sweeping.

Parking Lot Sweeping In Pleasanton And Beyond

We are proud to offer our parking lot sweeping services to the businesses of Pleasanton. Whether we’re cleaning up the Stoneridge Mall or the Rose Hotel, we know that our services are helping local businesses to maintain their good reputations. But we don’t just provide parking lot sweeping in Pleasanton – we also regularly serve the following areas nearby:

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