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No Job Too Big Or Too Small For Parking Lot Sweeping In Lemon Grove

Universal Site Services provides excellent service to a variety of different clients including retail, commercial, municipal, and industrial. Because we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations, we are constantly innovating our tools and practice to offer the best parking lot sweeping in Lemon Grove service possible.

From small storefronts to large scale business parks, we provide the same level of service. We look at each of our customers as unique and can create customized service plans to make your building’s exterior and parking lot flawless.

No matter your type of location or property we will create a fully custom parking lot sweeping in Lemon Grove, CA plan for you. With over 60 years of experience serving California, we know that your lot is what makes your first impression to your customers, employees, and visitors. Make sure you are setting the right tone from the moment people arrive at your location with our service.

Clean parking lots are often a guest’s first impression when arriving at your location. The fact of the matter is that first impressions can have a lasting effect on that customer’s willingness to do business with you. A dilapidated and unkept parking lot could turn off a potential customer.

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The Many Benefits Of A Clean Parking Lot

Parking Lot SweepingRegular sweeping is the key to maintaining a clean and safe parking lot. Parking lots can fall victim to normal wear and tear. Potholes and other unsightly and dangerous issues will arise and can lead to costly and inconvenient repairs. Drastically increase the life of your parking lot by using Universal Site Services for parking lot sweeping in Lemon Grove to remove debris and litter before they become a hazard.

You also need to consider how inviting your building’s exterior is to potential customers. Keep in mind, people often do research online before deciding to take a drive to your place of business. The worst thing would be for them to want to turn around and go the other way upon seeing how the outside of your building looks.

Day Porters That Help Run Your Business

Whether you operate a business or manage an apartment complex, a day porter can transform your day to day operations. A day porter works with you in person to maintain the grounds of your building both inside and out. Our friendly and highly trained day porters are a great accompaniment to your location to keep your guests and employees safe and happy.

Day porters can handle messes as they arise, address minor repairs, and keep your common areas clean and inviting. The best thing about our day porters is that they are trained to work with you and your employees. You set the timing and frequency of your day porter’s schedule, and they can handle it from there.

Universal Site Services day porters are also trained to provide maintenance upgrades as needed. Is your paint starting to chip? Schedule a time for your day porter to brighten up a surface with a new paint job. Lemon Grove Day Porter

Additional day porter services include:

  • Cobweb Abatement
  • Trash Receptacle Maintenance
  • Restroom Maintenance
  • Litter Removal
  • Window Washing
  • Graffiti Abatement

Pressure Washing Provides A Deeper Clean

Lemon Grove Pressure Washing

Regular parking lot sweeping does wonders to transform the look of your building’s exterior, but pressure washing can help make your building exterior and parking lot sparkle. Pressure washers use pressurized water to tear up stuck down dirt, and can drastically improve the look and color of your building and pavement.

You may discover that you do not actually need to touch-up the parking stall and exterior paint, the surface just needs a deep clean. We only use the safest and most efficient pressure washers with our customers because we do not want you to worry about your employees and customers walking from the parking lot surrounded by soap scum and discarded debris.

Property Maintenance You Can Trust

When we send out our trucks for parking lot sweeping, we always make sure the team has the tools and materials necessary to not simply clean up your parking lot, but also help you maintain the look of the entire property. We are dedicated to providing you with the right service to support your business.

Commercial Landscape Services That Are Designed To Impress

California’s climate makes it to that there are so many options for landscaping. We can help you design the best landscape for your building to fit your budget. From pops of greenery or lush and colorful flowers, we can create the perfect landscape for your property so that your clients and customers feel welcomed.

Lemon Grove LandscapingCommercial landscaping can feel like a daunting project. You may be worried about the cost, upkeep, and designing a landscape that your customers and employees will appreciate. We make the process easy and stand by the work we do.

On top of designing landscaping for commercial properties, we can also install irrigation systems to assist in maintaining plant life. In addition to our excellent parking lot sweeping in Lemon Grove, you can utilize our team for additional commercial landscaping maintenance such as trimming and pruning. All of these services are offered under one invoice as we are your one stop shop.

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For an excellent parking lot sweeping in Lemon Grove experience with flexible scheduling and customized maintenance packages, Universal Site Services is your best bet. Our team is standing by so that we can learn how to best serve you.

Since 1958, we have been the top choice for businesses, retail centers, municipalities, and homeowner’s associations. We pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to our customers and are proud of our level of service. Communication is the foundation of any good relationship, so give us a call at (800) 647-9337 or request a quote to get started with Universal Site Services. We also offer parking lot sweeping in San Diego and the greater metro area, look no further than Universal Site Services for all your on-site service needs.

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