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Landscaping: How do you Find Both Hard and Soft Scapers

A well-designed, installed and maintained landscape is a significant asset for your property and business.

Finding qualified vendors for your landscaping needs may be easier than you’d thought. Working with a ‘complete Property Maintenance company’ could be the answer. The same company that can do your Parking Lot Sweeping, and Day Porter services might also be experts in Landscaping.  Side benefits include working with a company that understands all your business needs; and how to work with your property manager to develop and deliver the landscape and maintenance programs you need.

What’s the difference between Hard Scaping and Soft Scaping?

By its very definition, Hardscape, or “hardscaping,” encompasses all the inanimate (hard) elements involved in landscaping; i.e. driveways, garages, patios, stone paving, woodworking, and masonry. Interestingly enough, they tend to be the items we take for granted, the items we just expect to be there: that’s ‘Hardscape”.
In contrast, the definition of “softscape” is anything live (soft in contrast to concrete) like plants, bushes, trees, grass, and flowers. Things that grow, traditionally from the earth, but in the example of a Koi Pond, the Koi, by virtue of their being live, would be softscape, while the pond would be hardscape. These tend to be the items we notice and appreciate.

Hard Scaping and Soft Scaping Working in Tandem

In actuality, soft and hard scaping used in conjunction, from the onset of the design phase is where you find your greatest potential successes in the area.
Say you have an idea that you want Ivy climbing your walls; well, you have to know where the walls will be that the ivy will climb to know if it will be viable. Can you irrigate the area so the ivy and other surrounding plants will survive? Will irrigation in that location be cost prohibitive? That’s why it’s an excellent idea to have hard and soft scape planning being done in tandem.
This is definitely one of the fields in which having collaboration pays off. When done well, you have an environment, that enhances the image of your building and adds more than a bit of beauty.

Key Points of Development, Installation and Landscape Maintenance:

a) Landscape maintenance & preservation
b) Hard scape & soft scape construction
c) Irrigation & water conservation
Here are Just a Few of the Landscaping Services you can Expect: (h2)
a) Irrigation installation and maintenance
b) Ground-cover
c) Turf renovations
d) Drainage
e) Seasonal & perennial color changing
f) New landscaping & hard scape installation & remodeling
g) Soil analysis and preparation

Look for a company that will offer quality design, new construction services and landscaping maintenance in both hard and soft scaping for a harmonious and well-structured property.