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Landscaping “Curb Appeal” Boosts Strip Mall Traffic, Profits and Rents

Our strip mall landscaping services clients have been telling us for years that our beautiful landscaping along bordering streets and parking areas helps boost retail traffic and profits. And mall owners report they can ask for higher rents, just because of the positive effects of attractive greenery at the site.

Recent research studies confirm these facts, showing that strip malls with landscaped roadsides enjoy higher traffic and profits. And adding nice-looking greenery to parking areas can increase business even more.

One comprehensive study, conducted at the University of Washington’s College Of The Environment, found that consumers respond 3 to 4 times more positively to landscaped strip malls than to ‘naked’ strip malls. The presence of trees and shrubs conveys ideas of cleanliness, a more positive atmosphere, more amenities and attractions, and a more favorable place both for local area residents and shoppers from further away. The study also found that shoppers were willing to travel further to strip malls that offered the most attractive landscaping.

The results, the study found, are not just increased traffic and profits. Shoppers also are willing to pay 8.8% more at strip malls that have been carefully and attractively landscaped. Another study found that consumers, on average, would pay even more – a 12% premium – at retail establishments that are set amid quality landscaping.

Higher Rental Rates are Another Benefit of Good Landscaping

The effect of landscaping on rental rates was studied at 85 office buildings, with 270 individual leases, in the Cleveland, Ohio area. It was found that properties could charge higher rentals, as much as 7% higher, than similar properties with minimal or poorly done landscaping, or none at all.

Rental rates were higher for offices bordered by trees that screened objectionable views, reduced traffic noise, offered shade during the hottest months and provided pleasant areas for rest and recreation. The more these benefits were present, the more rent could be charged.

USS Provides Decades of Retail and Commercial Landscaping Experience

Here at USS, we don’t just provide reliable and professional landscape maintenance. We also bring decades of expert landscape design and installation experience to clients in various locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. Our cost effective and attractive retail and commercial landscaping includes full design, complete installation and year-round landscape maintenance.

As the research clearly shows, landscaping that is visually appealing, well cared for and effectively meets the unique needs of the site can significantly increase property value, traffic and profits.

And we love doing it!

If you’d like to talk to us about the possibilities for your location, give us a call at 800-647-9337.

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