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Irvine Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping In Irvine By Universal Site Services

Universal Site Services is the western US’s premier provider of parking lot sweeping services.  With over 60 years of experience in the business, we’ve become the leading choice for parking lot sweeping.  We’ve grown and adapted over the years to advance the technology of our fleet of trucks as well as develop the most customer focused and friendly team in the state.  We able to fully clean and maintain any type of lot you have or for any event, you may host in your lot.

A properly maintained lot means more than just being clean.  It means your customers, visitors, and employees will arrive at your property in a safe and clean environment.  This puts everyone in the right state of mind for whatever the reason for their visit. A parking lot with poor lighting, parking lines, and trash and litter everywhere does not give a good impression to your visitors.  A poorly maintained lot can also attract unwanted guests like mice and rats. As well as pollute the local environment with chemical and litter runoff.

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Full Service You Can Trust

Universal Site Services started on the West Coast in 1958. Since then we’ve grown and expanded in the Western United State’s leading property maintenance provider. Over the year’s we’ve constantly improved our service and what we offer. Even going to far as to revolutionize lot sweeping trucks entirely.

We strive to go above and beyond just sweeping a parking lot. We pride ourselves in taking care of each property just how we’d like ours taken care of and we’ve been doing it for over 60 years. With our storied history, there is nothing we haven’t seen or been able to handle already. With that in mind, you can be assured your can trust Universal Site Services for all your parking lot sweeping in Irvine needs.

Your Property, Is Our Priority

Irvine Parking Lot Maintenance - Vacuum TruckParking lot sweeping is the cornerstone of our operation and service. We’ve been keeping businesses, industrial parks, construction lots, city municipal lots, university lots, and garages clean and inviting for years. Our team will service your location at a time of minimal impact on the day to day operations of your property while providing superior service where you’ll never have to worry about litter, debris, or any safety hazards at your location.

We’ll get to intimately know your lot and can help maintain it by noticing and taking care of any small issues right away before they balloon into more costly repairs or problems. Your property will never be in better hands than with our Irvine parking lot sweeping team.

Day Porters, Landscape, Pressure Washing And More!

As with any company that’s been around as long as we have, we had to adjust to the changing needs of our customers. That’s why we offer a variety of property maintenance service beyond just parking lot sweeping in Irvine.

Day Porter in Irvine CADay Porters –

For larger properties or at locations where people tend to spend more time in beyond just parking a day porter might be just the thing you need. Our fully trained friendly day porters ensure every part of your location’s grounds are kept clean and nice for your guests and employees. From trash pick up, cleaning tables and chairs, and janitorial services we can provide you anything your location needs.

Landscape Maintenance –

Does your location provide for green space opportunities? Our team of professional landscapers will make sure it’s always looking as great as it can. With landscape design, irrigation, clean up and more. Your landscape will always be a seasonal delight for your visitors that will be memorable and make your property look fantastic.

Irvine Pressure Washing ServicesPressure Washing –

Over time buildings, walkways, benches, fences, and more will naturally build up grime, dust, and dirt. It happens slowly and is hard to see just how much it affects buildings and belongings of your property. However, regular pressure washing will help everything look just as it did on day one. From building exteriors to walkways our team will pressure wash as needed for a deeper clean.

We offer even more services as well!

Set Up Your Property Maintenance Services Now

Have any questions or concerns about how we can help your property be it’s best?  We are happy to help! Contact us now for all your parking lot sweeping in Irvine needs.  We’ll set up a plan that fits your needs and property so you can sit back, relax and know your parking lot and more are in great hands with Universal Site Services.