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Removing graffiti in Milpitas, CA

Graffiti Removal And How Reduce The Cost Of This Vandalism in Phoenix

Graffiti in Phoenix cannot always be prevented, but there are numerous ways tenants and owners alike can reduce the amount of vandalizing of their property and, when graffiti incidences occur in Phoenix, it is important to handle the problem correctly.

Besides being an annoyance to tenants and property owners, graffiti removal in Phoenix can be difficult to remove and must be done with care in order to not leave the surfaces damaged, or looking worse than before the cleanup began. It is important to know the proper steps to take when graffiti occurs so that you can quickly step into action and rectify the problem.
There are also ways to reduce the cost of cleanup and to make your property less inviting to graffiti painters.

Remember these Tips to Reduce Graffiti Painting

Although we can’t stop all acts of graffiti, there are several steps that can be taken to make your property less appealing to graffiti painters:

  • Make sure your properties are well lighted.
  • Advise landscaping crews to place semi-obtrusive vegetation along building exteriors and walls where possible to make the area less attractive and less easy to access by vandals.
  • Remind your lease holders that graffiti is illegal and it is important for them to contact the police and your offices if they see anyone ‘tagging’ or when they notice any graffiti. Graffiti left in place attracts more graffiti and attracts other crime, too.

A Quick Graffiti Removal Process Should be in Place

It is important that graffiti be removed properly and with care so as not to destroy the surface on which it was painted. Make sure your maintenance crews are familiar with the following steps to take when it comes to graffiti removal:

  1. Identify The Surface Type
    Some of the surfaces that can be defaced with graffiti include brick; stone; concrete; aluminum siding; metal utility boxes, poles, street signs, and bus shelters; pavement; wood; and glass. These surfaces are either smooth or textured; some are painted and others are left natural.
  2. Identify The Substance UsedThe most common graffiti substance is spray paint; however, many vandals use markers, stickers, lipstick, etching products, or shoe polish. It is crucial for the substance to be determined before any further steps are taken. Each substance responds better to a particular removal method.

There are Preferred Removal Methods for Various Surfaces

The three most common ways to remove graffiti in Phoenix are by painting over it, using chemical removers, or by pressure washing. Unfortunately, pressure washing isn’t effective for a lot of graffiti, painting over it creates the problem of matching paint that has been exposed to the elements and is no longer the original shade, and chemical removers can’t be used on heritage buildings and structures.

Here are some popular surfaces and various eco-friendly methods that can are effective in removing graffiti:

  • Aluminum siding – use specially formulated anti-graffiti solvents and rinse with water.
  • Glass – use a razor blade to scrape off, or use specially formulated anti-graffiti solvents.
  • Masonry –use specially formulated anti-graffiti solvents and rinse with a power wash using low pressure power. More aggressive graffiti stains will most likely require sand or soda blasting.
  • Metal – use specially formulated anti-graffiti solvents then power wash clean.
  • Pavement – use specially formulated anti-graffiti solvents followed by pressure washing; you can also cover the graffiti with cement type anti-slip paint.
  • Stucco – your best bet is to paint over the graffiti.
  • Vinyl siding – use specially formulated anti-graffiti solvents (they may remove the vinyl coating); paint over and be sure to use a primer first.
  • Wood – use mineral spirits on unpainted or un-weathered wood; or power wash on low pressure, sand, and then repaint.

Advanced, eco-friendly graffiti removal products are readily available at local home improvement, hardware, or paint stores.

You Can Reduce the Cost of Cleanup

  • Make sure graffiti is removed the first day so that any cleaning method used is more effective. If a product hasn’t had time to dry completely or to seep into the surface, it is easier to remove.
  • Have a graffiti removal company under contract so that you can call for cleanup immediately.
  • Make sure the graffiti removal company is familiar with the all surfaces on your property and what cleaning products to have on hand.
  • It is essential that a protective coat or a sealer be applied to the surface once the graffiti has been removed. Any area that has been targeted for graffiti is often visited again, and a special coating makes the removal must easier, faster, and less expensive.

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